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WineAmerica and Wine Industry Network Join Forces


National Association named Presenting Sponsor for U.S. Wine & Beverage Expo 

May 31st, 2017 –  Wine Industry Network (WIN) and WineAmerica today announced that WineAmerica, the National Association of American Wineries, will be the Presenting Sponsor for Washington, D.C. based U.S. Wine & Beverage Conference and Expo (USBevX). In this role, WineAmerica will play an important part in developing conference topics, selecting speakers and leading networking opportunities. The conference and trade show will take place February 20– 22, 2018, again at the historic Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.

“We’re thrilled to broaden our relationship with WineAmerica and partner with them to establish USBevX as the premiere business conference for the eastern wine industry,” said George Christie, President of WIN.  “The quality of wines being produced in the east are finally getting the recognition they deserve and our goal is to produce a conference of similar quality, the region deserves it.”

“Working with George Christie and his colleagues on last year’s USBevX convinced us that this is the east coast event of the future.  Comments from attendees were universally enthusiastic.”

“WineAmerica is delighted to partner with WIN on this exceptional conference and trade show to make it a win-win situation for all,” said WineAmerica President Jim Trezise.  “Working with George Christie and his colleagues on last year’s USBevX convinced us that this is the east coast event of the future.  Comments from attendees were universally enthusiastic.”

USBevX was established in 2016 and has seen tremendous growth over the first two years. In 2018, the conference theme will be ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’. “There are a few things that all great wine regions have in common, they chase perfection in every vintage and they come together regularly to share best practices,” says Christie. “For eastern winery owners, winemakers, vineyard managers and marketers who believe that quality is the key to long term success for the region, USBevX is the right conference for them.”

WineAmerica will be scheduling their annual membership meeting and Capitol Hill visits to coincide with USBevX and provide another valuable benefit to attendees not available at other wine industry conferences.  “This conference will provide a unique opportunity for winery principals to learn what WineAmerica is and does, and why our grassroots public policy advocacy is so important to their businesses,” said Trezise. “Excise tax modernization, music licensing, TTB and USDA program funding, immigration reform, and trade policy are just a few of the issues we work on every day, and they affect wineries nationwide.  We are planning special seminars on these issues for attendees.”

Winery Association Leadership ConfereneceUSBevX will also host the 2nd Annual Winery Association Leadership Conference (WALC). The 2-day program is specifically designed for association leaders: Executive Directors, Board Members, and key staff, and will run concurrently with other USBevX activities. The goal of this innovative summit is to arm participants with the tools, knowledge, and contacts that they need to better serve their organizations. “WineAmerica was a key reason why the inaugural WALC program was so well received. We had more than 30 winery associations participate and the feedback from each attendee was consistent, let’s come together every year.” said Christie. 

 “The WALC program was a brilliant idea, and a resounding success,” said Trezise.  “Trade associations are such a vital element of the American wine industry’s current and future success, and the sharing of information from people on the front lines is invaluable. WineAmerica’s State and Regional Associations Advisory Council (SRAAC) is a perfect partner for making WALC even better in 2018.”

About WineAmerica: WineAmerica is the national voice of the American wine industry. Based in Washington, D.C., WineAmerica represents wineries in 43 states and leads a coalition of state and regional wine and grape associations. As an industry leader, WineAmerica encourages the dynamic growth and development of American wineries and winegrowing through the advancement and advocacy of sound public policy.

Michael Kaiser
Vice President

 About Wine Industry Network (WIN): Wine Industry Network (WIN) (wineindustrynetwork.com), is based in Healdsburg, CA and is THE business resource for the wine industry. WIN also produces two annual trade shows & conferences, the North Coast Wine Industry Expo (WIN Expo) (wineindustryexpo.com), and the U.S. Wine & Beverage Expo (usbevx.com); the online daily news publication, Wine Industry Advisor (wineindustryadvisor.com); an online employment resource, WIN Jobs (wineindustry.jobs); and the largest and most accurate set of winery data points and contacts for the North American wine industry, Wine Industry Database (WIN Data) (wineindustrydata.com). 

Tami Christie
Director of Communications



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