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Afternoon Brief, February 20th

Grape Growers Being Paid 1970s Rates Say They Are at Breaking Point in Australia’s Largest Wine Region: Farmers in Australia's biggest wine grape growing region are preparing for crisis talks as prices plummet to early 1970s rates...

WineAmerica: An Update on Important Regulatory Matters in 2024

Congress may be stuck in the mud, but there is much work to be done on the regulatory front. WineAmerica needs your help. By Michael...

Afternoon Brief, February 12th

Napa Finds Itself in Court: Napa authorities – and several of the region's wineries – have been ordered to attend court, but no one is quite sure why...

Wine Industry Champion Michael Kaiser: Fighting for the Future of America’s...

“A lot of people don’t understand how much trade associations such as WineAmerica do for you, even if you're not a member.” —Michael Kaiser By...

Afternoon Brief, January 26th

Axe Falls Again at Vintage Wine Estates: After announcing the sale of several wine brands last week, VWE is now offloading employees...

WineAmerica: Let’s Get to Work Unleashing the Magic of Wine

We possess the power to unleash the magic of wine if we all work together.   By Jim Trezise   WineAmerica’s website has three key sections for three key...

Afternoon Brief, January 5th

Trump Return Could See Wine Panic Buying: Trump's re-election could see a return of wine tariffs, leading to more pain for wine lovers and collectors...

Afternoon Brief, January 2nd

France Buys Back Bordeaux: China's love affair with Bordeaux properties is ending as more investors bring châteaux back into French hands...

WineAmerica: Spreading “The Magic of Wine” in 2024 and Beyond

The wine industry has a unique opportunity to shape its own destiny by spreading the word on the magic of wine. By Jim Trezise In 2024,...

Afternoon Brief, December 20th

Shocking Working Conditions in Champagne: An Arte report sheds light on the working conditions of harvest workers in Champagne...

Wine Magic: A Toast

Let’s celebrate the magic of wine in 2024. By Jim Trezise   Last night while I was sleeping, my heart beat 38,400 times. I didn’t ask it...

Afternoon Brief, October 20th

Sonoma’s Toad Hollow Vineyards Acquired by ‘Masters of Guerrilla Winefare’: Unoaked Chardonnay pioneer Toad Hollow has been sold to WarRoom Cellars for an undisclosed sum...

Afternoon Brief, October 18th

A New Report Sheds Light on Millennial and Gen Z Drinking Behaviors: Where have all the younger drinkers gone? It’s the question that everyone who works with beverage alcohol has been asking themselves...

WineAmerica: Washington, D.C.’s Harvest of Chaos

The dysfunction in Washington, D.C., advances to the next level. What does it mean for the wine industry? By Michael Kaiser   To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “In...

Afternoon Brief, September 22nd

Underground Cellar Claws Out of Bankruptcy: The controversial retailer is making a move to bail itself out...
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