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WineAmerica’s D.C. Fly-In: 42 Members, 83 Meetings, New Officers

Earlier this month, more than 40 people from wineries, winery associations and suppliers (representing 15 different states) traveled to our nation’s capital for direct...

WineAmerica: Touting the Wine Economy

It’s “All hands on deck” to protect our industry. By Jim Trezise   “It’s the economy, stupid!” That was the brief, blunt messaging behind Bill Clinton’s first presidential...

WineAmerica: Let’s Get to Work Unleashing the Magic of Wine

We possess the power to unleash the magic of wine if we all work together.   By Jim Trezise   WineAmerica’s website has three key sections for three key...

Wine Magic: A Toast

Let’s celebrate the magic of wine in 2024. By Jim Trezise   Last night while I was sleeping, my heart beat 38,400 times. I didn’t ask it...

Down to Zero: Ignoring neo-Prohibitionists Could Prove Dangerous to the Wine...

The recently completed Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health congress in Toledo, Spain, brought together experts from around the world to acknowledge the threat from...

WineAmerica: Wine = Power

All 50 states have wine producers — 10,637 in all — which preserve the land, hire local people, support suppliers, attract tourists, contribute to...

DTC: Lifeblood of the Wine Industry (WineAmerica)

While comprising a relatively small percentage of total wine sales, DtC fuels the vast majority of wineries. By Jim Trezise In 1976, New York State passed...

WineAmerica 2023: New Year, New Congress, New Issues

Fortunately, issues affecting the wine industry are often below the political fray and supported by bipartisan coalitions.  By Jim Trezise   Following the installation of a new...

Rich Smith Distinguished Service Award Presented to Jim Trezise

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020, SACRAMENTO, CA — In a surprise presentation, the fourth-annual Rich Smith Distinguished Service Award for major contributions to the American...

Afternoon Brief, January 13

There were over sixty-five judges, representing various North American wine regions, evaluating nearly 6,700 wines from over 1,000 wineries for the 2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition ...

Wine Industry Well Equipped to Meet Climate Change Challenges

“Wine people are interested in surviving and succeeding and will work within the natural boundaries they are given,” says Jim Trezise, President of WineAmerica. He has his finger on the pulse of the wine industry and is intimately aware of the issues facing vintners ...

Wine Impact Study Designed to Impact Policy

The $220 billion economic impact of the U.S. wine industry revealed in WineAmerica’s recent study has grabbed headlines in the media, but the target audience for the information is much narrower, it’s the lawmakers in Congress and state legislatures across the nation who preside over the arcane and fragmented regulations of the alcohol industry.

Jim Trezise Emphasizes U.S. Wine Industry’s Growing Need for National Representation

If your winery sells 10,000 gallons of wine, you are saving $11,000 a year and you may not even know why: WineAmerica.

WineAmerica and Wine Industry Network Join Forces

National Association named Presenting Sponsor for U.S. Wine & Beverage Expo  May 31st, 2017 –  Wine Industry Network (WIN) and WineAmerica today announced that WineAmerica,...

Afternoon Brief, December 5

Korbel’s Gary Heck Recognized for Lifetime Achievement at Wine Industry Awards: The Heck family has been helm of the 134-year-old Korbel wine brand for six decades. Gary Heck for four of those decades has been carrying on the Korbel brothers' legacy of making fine Champagne-method bubbly in the U.S...