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Eliminating Weather Holds and Waste: New Cooler Ships Wine Safe and...

From the people that brought Otter Brand to the protection of fragile cell phones comes a new concept in wine delivery, Liviri Vino...

Innovative CIO2 Mister Reduces Water Use in Tank Sanitization by 98%

California Soda Company has been manufacturing and distributing industrial cleaners and sanitizers for close to a century. Knowing a business well means you can see an opportunity for improvement that moves the industry forward...

Improved Dealcoholization Technology Preserves Beverage Quality and Meets New Consumer Demands

“Low and no” are shorthand for one of the beverage industry’s most pronounced trends, a worldwide shift toward low- and nonalcoholic wine and beer...

Wave Technology Offers Ground-Breaking Tool for Cap Management and Precision Vinification

Managing the cap in red wine fermentation requires a blend of science and art to yield the finished wine's desired style. The winemaker’s decisions about breaking up and integrating the solid mass in the fermentor are the keys to delivering the correct color, precise mouthfeel and specific degree finish desired for that wine.

WIN Insiders with Save the Family Farms, Napa Valley: Lindsay Hoopes

Save The Family Farms is a Napa Valley 501(3) non-profit created and run by a group of owner-occupied grape growers and so-called "micro-producers," many of whom produce less than 1,000 cases each year...

Casa Cristal Nursery Grows Grapevines and Relationships

Viticulture has always been an unpredictable business, but the challenges facing our industry have steadily increased over the last few years. As growers strive...

Wildfire and Smoke Taint Insurance

As wildfires threaten communities in California and beyond, many grape growers have faced a difficult 2020 harvest made even more challenging by the fast-moving fires and smoke that has filled the region. Even for the vineyards that have been spared from the ravages of fire, extreme smoke conditions can taint the grapes.

Wineries Achieving DTC Success with Personalization, eCommerce Optimization, and Targeting Strategies

Day two of Wine Industry Network's Sales Symposium offered a multitude of data-driven insights for the direct-to-consumer oriented winery...

Pandemic Forces Change in Wineries’ Wholesale Strategy 

Dale Stratton is the owner of Five Points Consulting, LLC, a 35-plus year veteran on the wholesale side of the wine industry who previously worked for Constellation Brands, among others, offering insights into consumer and brand research and data...

Alisos Canyon in Santa Barbara Approved as AVA

The Alisos Canyon area has long been revered for its high-quality fruit with its unique affinity towards Rhone-style varietals, and now the TTB has...

WIN Insiders with Benson Marketing Group: Sarah Jones-Gillihan

Wine Industry Network continues to explore virtual tastings and experiences catered to wine industry professionals...

Introducing The Independent Distributor Network: WIN Insiders with David Browne, V.P....

This edition of Wine Industry Network’s Insider Series focuses on the launch of the Independent Distributor Network (IDN). The newly launched organization was established to...

WIN Insiders with WineAmerica’s Michael Kaiser

In this interview (video above), we talk with Michael Kaiser, Vice President of Government Affairs / WineAmerica, a grassroots advocacy organization for the American Wine Industry and the only national wine industry trade association based out of DC...

Virtual Tastings Will Continue for Trade but Not Consumers Post Pandemic

Haas is a firm believer that, even when the pandemic has subsided and the industry can get back to "normal," virtual tastings for trade—NOT consumers—will be one of the few COVID-19 evolutions that will continue to reap benefits for wine businesses across the board.

Dry Creek Vineyard Engaging the Wine Trade Virtually

COVID-19 has affected more than winery relationships with consumers—it’s affected relationships with distributors, wholesalers, sommeliers, and retail market trade as well...