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WIN Insiders with WineAmerica’s Michael Kaiser

In this interview (video above), we talk with Michael Kaiser, Vice President of Government Affairs / WineAmerica, a grassroots advocacy organization for the American Wine Industry and the only national wine industry trade association based out of DC...

Wine Impact Study Designed to Impact Policy

The $220 billion economic impact of the U.S. wine industry revealed in WineAmerica’s recent study has grabbed headlines in the media, but the target audience for the information is much narrower, it’s the lawmakers in Congress and state legislatures across the nation who preside over the arcane and fragmented regulations of the alcohol industry.

WineAmerica and Wine Industry Network Join Forces

National Association named Presenting Sponsor for U.S. Wine & Beverage Expo  May 31st, 2017 –  Wine Industry Network (WIN) and WineAmerica today announced that WineAmerica,...

Tara Good and Michael Kaiser Named Vice Presidents of WineAmerica

Washington, DC, December 12, 2016—Long-time WineAmerica staff members Tara Good and Michael Kaiser have been elevated to the role of Vice President effective December...