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Crafting a Digital Marketing Scorecard for the US Wine Industry

Ecommerce is booming in most consumer retail industries, with nearly 80% of US consumers now shopping online, according to Pew Research. This has caused the world of digital marketing to explode as major retailers rush to find ways to engage with consumers online. The wine industry is no different, with many US wineries enhancing their websites and adopting digital marketing tactics to attract consumers. So how much progress has been made?

Too Many Discounts Lessen the Worth of Your Wine

I get emails from a lot of wineries every day. Most of them are sales emails, but the sales tactics that are being used...

Intersection of Key Findings from Two Major DTC Reports

For wineries seeking answers and comparisons, there are two major reports available which can give insights into sales and marketing trends and tactics. Released in May 2019, VinterActive’s VinQuest Report is based on a survey of wineries returning a total of 110 surveys from across the nation (although a preponderance came from CA).

Using WiFi to Amplify Your Winery’s Marketing Strategy

Winery marketing can be tough. As well as competing against other wineries, you also need to stand out against wine retailers; both on and offline. As a result, wineries need to develop strong brand awareness, customer engagement and a loyal customer base.

How Branding Can Enhance Wine Tourism

Little more than 50 years ago, a handful of families planted the roots of what would become a billion-dollar pinot noir industry in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The farmland where they harvested the first pinot noir grapes would come to serve as the epicenter of a region with a world-class reputation for high quality, pastoral landscapes and intimate, small-scale production

High Notes of the Wine and Weed Symposium

Last week’s Third Annual Wine and Weed Symposium attracted a huge group of wine and cannabis professionals to the Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country in Santa Rosa to learn about emerging trends in consumer behavior, the impact on wine sales in states where recreational cannabis is legal, and how alcohol beverage companies can and do invest in cannabis. The continuing enthusiasm for this new frontier, this brazen opportunity, and the vast cross-marketing potential with the wine had attendees leaving on a high note.

Consumer Insights Show Cannabis’ Impact on Wine

While the 3rd Annual Wine & Weed Symposium offered ideas to both camps on how to work together, utilizing marketing strategies, and integrating more women into the ranks, the critical piece of information that many in the audience were waiting for was presented during Jessica Lukas’ session, “The Cannabis Impact on Wine”.

Personalize Your Customer Out Reach

How do you reach your customers or broaden your audience to create new customers? It all starts with your marketing. To reach the people...

What Costco Is Doing to the Liquor Business

I am a suburban dad. On weekends my family attends youth baseball, soccer, lounges at a Starbucks in the neighborhood and walk the aisles...

Turning the Tables on Allison Levine

By Carl Giavanti, Carl Giavanti Consulting “Turning the Tables – Interviewing the Interviewers” is a Q&A series profiling Wine Writers. We hope you’ll discover more about the...

Modernizing Your Wine Club

Today’s customers expect personalization, especially when it comes to subscription services. Buyers are savvy. They know that they are sharing their data, they know why you and other companies want their data, and they expect that in return for the information they provide, their lives and experiences with retailers are going to be simpler and more predictive.

Do the Rules That You Learned and Follow Still Apply?

I was glancing through tweets over the weekend and came across this one by British wine writer Jamie Goode (wineanorakcom): “We become attached to...

Sonoma Wine Auction Co-Chairs Gina Gallo and Chris Jackson Spill the...

As we eagerly anticipate the 2019 Sonoma Wine Auction, to be held September 19—21, we thought it would be illuminating to learn a little more about this year’s co-chairs, Gina Gallo and Chris Jackson, who happen to be from two of the most influential, long term Sonoma wine families.  They also happen to be the two largest landowning families in terms of vineyards.

Wine in Cans Could Be 10% of Category Says Free Flow...

Free Flow Wines are betting big on the continued growth of alternative sustainable wine packaging with an investment of around $10 million in a...

Cases Versus Places

Hit the snooze button. Summer is in full swing and the market is slow. Slow in all the key markets that you would expect....