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The Wine Industry Advisor welcomes articles from industry experts; however, we ask that your article follow these simple editorial guidelines. Expert Editorials are intended as a means for you to share your expertise with the Wine Industry Advisor community and not as an advertising piece. This doesn’t mean that you cannot mention your company name or product in the article, but that the bulk of the article should be focused on sharing original, valuable wine industry specific information with the readers. The suggested length is 500 to 700 words, and we encourage you to include any images you have the rights to use. You will be credited as the article’s author with name and company logo as well as a link to your website or Wine Industry Network profile. If you are interested in writing an Expert Editorial for the Wine Industry Advisor, please contact [email protected] with a brief summary of your article. All submissions are subject to review by the Wine Industry Advisor, which retains editorial privilege.

Turning the Tables on Rusty Gaffney

“Turning the Tables – Interviewing the Interviewers” is a Q&A series profiling Wine Writers. We hope you’ll discover more about the wine writers you know, and learn about many others.

How the New Revenue Recognition Standard May Impact the Wine Industry

By: Adam Raudsep, CPA, Senior Manager In May 2014, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2014-09, Revenue from Contracts with...

Turning the Tables on Paul Gregutt

“Turning the Tables – Interviewing the Interviewers” is a Q&A series profiling Wine Writers. You’ll discover much more about wine writers that you know and learn about many others.

3 Tips for Wooing Your Wine Club

You know the story. Wine lovers see a promotion to “join the club” or to get those special “members-only” benefits and they sign up for your wine club. They’re excited. You’re excited. You send out the first shipment and the next thing you know, they cancel the membership.

Wine and Power, a Palimpsest for Armistice Day

Given the dismal quality of history education these days, and the even more dismal state of discourse on this subject beyond pop trivia, it is likely most people will commemorate the end of World War One by going to the mall for a "Veterans' Day Sale." After 100 years, silent film herky-jerky images belie the bloody reality of it. The century since has been no picnic either.

Holiday Wine Marketing Tips on a Budget

Holiday wine sales, already? Seasonal shopping began in October this year, with nearly half of all holiday purchases predicted to occur on mobile. With over 3,600 wineries in California alone, standing out from the pack to promote your wines and tasting experiences as the perfect gift option can seem like a marathon, not a sprint. 

Uncovering Blind Spots to Differentiate Your Brand

Winery owners—most business owners, for that matter—live and breathe their brands. They believe in them wholly and unconditionally. This passion and confidence are critical...

Traceability and Transparency: The New Frontier for Winemaking and Its Impact...

The new ‘wine frontier’ for oenological or winemaking seems to be moving towards the production of better quality wines with increased traceability and more...

Software for the Farming Industry of Tomorrow?

The future of agriculture, and especially of viticulture, is being written in relative anonymity. The funds invested in the sector are increasing considerably but are still insufficient when considering the challenges of tomorrow.

New Research Study Highlights Motivational Differences of Wine Consumers by Generation

As a consumer, shopping for wine can be overwhelming. The aisles are full of wine bottles, each with a different label, color scheme, bottle shape, region, varietal, price point, and more. Your eyes scan the bottles and pause on one and then another.

Making Market Visits More Effective

Getting out of your office and visiting your distributors in their markets is an essential element of running a successful business. Face-to-face meetings within your distribution network offer vital local data and the opportunity to build a rapport you may never get by only talking on the phone or using email and texts to communicate. It’s so important not to take the impact of these market visits lightly and use each one to leverage relationships and the vital information you receive.

Opportunities for Wineries in Cannabis

Like the rest of the alcoholic beverages industry, wineries are waking up to the new reality of cannabis in the United States. The question that many in the industry are asking is – how can I play along? The answer to everyone in the industry is, for the most part, you can’t. However, there are some limited opportunities out there right now for wineries to leverage their brand and their position within the cannabis space.

Federal Cannabis Legalization the Next Challenge for Wine

As another harvest season is underway in Wine Country, the industry faces a new wave of disruption. Not sparkling rose in 40-ounce cans, but another recreational product – cannabis. Cannabis is on the minds of winemakers and winery owners these days as states continue to legalize and money pours into the industry. Needless to say, the wine industry has taken notice.

Flooring for Winery Tasting Rooms – Marrying Style and Durability

By Kendall Youngworth, Tennant Coatings Winery tasting rooms can range from an area in an upscale urban restaurant to a rustic barrel room in a...

What They Said About Your Winery in the Limo

As a wine tour operator and driver, sometimes I can’t help but hear certain things that would make a great feedback for the wineries, but, for whatever reasons, people restrain themselves from expressing.