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Naughty Tea Wine – a 100% Natural Alcoholic Sweet Tea Containing Zero Grapes


Southern Hospitality gets a grown up twist with Naughty Tea wine – a one of a kind, 100% natural, alcoholic sweet tea containing zero grapes and no artificial flavors or colors. Naughty Tea was just recently launched onto the U.S. market in Tennessee and has now found its way to South Florida as an alternative to cocktails, beers and wine spritzers.

Handcrafted at Natchez Hills Winery and Vineyard located in Hampshire, Tennessee, 75 miles south of Nashville, Naughty Tea is made with 100% natural black tea, has less than 6 grams of sugar per serving and is classified as wine even though it contains no grapes. Unlike other wines and spirits, Naughty Tea keeps its freshness and flavor quality after being opened.

Founder Jim Odom was motivated to create Naughty Tea after a gathering with associates inspired him to create a wine people could enjoy drinking just as much as they do sweet tea in the South. It’s called Naughty Tea because it adds just the right amount of alcoholic kick to the southern classic sweet tea. The appearance of Naughty Tea is perfectly clear with a light peach color. It has notes of peach and mango at the start and a tea-like finish. Best served chilled or over ice with lemon wedges, the spirit can also be enjoyed as a mixer for craft cocktails. See NaughtyTeaWine.com/cocktails for a list of recipes.

Naughty Tea’s unique packaging is eye-catching, fun, and influenced by the region’s love of both wine and southern sweet tea. It is a light, easy drinking libation perfect for any occasion served on its own in a wine glass, over ice in a rocks glass, straight from the can or mixed into a craft cocktail–providing a memorable experience to enjoy and share with friends.  

Naughty Tea is only $9.99 and available in 750ml size bottles and 8oz cans in Tennessee and South Florida. Naughty Tea contains 10% alcohol by volume. It is available for online purchases here.

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