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Sought-after Wine App Is Partnering with the Wine Aeration Company, Aervana, to Provide Users with Luxury and Opportunity


The Robust and User-friendly Wine App, My Wine Society, has been reaching new heights of popularity among the masses. From millennials to baby boomers, this app has attracted individuals of all ages and continues to cater towards multiple types of wine lovers. However, it seems that there is one common denominator in all of My Wine Society’s content, luxury. Without a doubt there is a sense of ease and class throughout all of the MWS posts, features and relationships. Users are treated to luxurious products and have multiple chances to win top of the line wine technology thanks to partnerships with equally successful wine companies.

One of My Wine Society’s newest partnerships is with the company Aervana, who makes multiple types of Aerators.

Aervana is the original one-touch, luxury wine aerator. Many red wines need to “breathe” before they can be enjoyed at their best. Aervana dispenses and aerates your wine under pressure, providing more effective aeration all within an innovative “wine tap” format. – Aervana homepage

This partnership falls right in line with the style and consistency of My Wine Society. A one touch aerator that not only breathes your wine for you but also dispenses your wine is exactly the kind of product MWS users would love. In fact, users have multiple chances to interact with the app in order to win an Aervana wine aerator. This partnership encourages the use of the MWS application; the more users interact, the better chance they have at winning a free product.

When asked why this partnership is important for My Wine Society, Community Manager, Brianna Lamb, stated that “It has allowed us to really begin the gamification aspect of the app, which is what truly separates us from all the other apps out there. We are now able to tangibly reward our users with fantastic wine accessories for simply using the app.”

Partnerships like this one are what make My Wine Society unique and engaging. This gamified app is interactive and changing the way winos engage with the wine community. It’s a level above the rest, and luxurious products like the Aervana aerator are a great example of the luxury that awaits MWS users.

For more information, please visit https://www.mywinesociety.com

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