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Smoke Taint 2015: Much Ado About Nothing


Mavrik North AmericaSanta Rosa, CA (September 9, 2015). Mavrik North America announces that their Smoke Taint Elimination systems and trained technicians are standing by, as always.  However, they are unlikely to be needed on a widespread basis for the 2015 vintage.

Smoke taint from wildfires is a significant risk during rapid cell division within grapes. That was the situation in California’s North Coast in 2008, when fires started in the Mendocino National Forest in the second week of June and burned for weeks.

This year’s fires, in California as well as Oregon, Washington, and Idaho began around the end of July and were at their most intense around the middle of August. Only in cases where vines were in the immediate proximity of intense smoke should there be any cause for concern. This concern can be easily addressed through analysis of grapes, juice, or wine by a reputable wine laboratory.

“There seems to be some alarmist rhetoric out there. Maybe it is just a lack of smoke taint experience and understanding of smoke taint science. But it is definitely an overreaction” said Bob Kreisher, Mavrik’s President and Research and Development Director.

In the unlikely event of smoke taint occurrence, Mavrik’s Smoke Taint Elimination process will be utilized to recover the value of the wine affordably. Mavrik has condensed over a decade’s worth of experience and research into a 4-page document to further facilitate calm, intelligent decision-making: http://www.mavrikna.com/images/smoketaint2014.pdf.

Founded in 2006, Mavrik is a family-owned and operated company, based in Santa Rosa, CA. Mavrik’s research & development efforts have led to original technologies and equipment for
purchase and as a service, some of which are patent pending:

  • Alcohol reduction
  • Volatile acidity and ethyl acetate removal
  • Pyrazine removal
  • 4ep/4eg removal
  • Smoke taint removal
  • Tartrate stability
  • Sulfide removal
  • Sulfite removal
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