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Latest Research on Smoke Taint Revealed

—Barbara Barrielle Tom Collins, head of the smoke research efforts at Washington State University, spoke to the industry on January 20 about his latest progress...

Climate Tech for Agriculture: Now Is the Time to Plan for...

Agrology unveils 2021 Smoke Exposure Report and discusses ways growers can begin to plan for climate change issues in 2022 Sonoma, CA, January 19, 2022—Agrology,...

Wildfires Threaten to Upend Crop Insurance

California wildfires are threatening to upend crop insurance for vineyards as smoke threatens grape production in another record-breaking wildfire year in the U.S. —Jack Roudebush,...

Fire Watch: Caldor Fire Burns Big Doubling in Size

In the week following our last report, Caldor has destroyed nearly 200,000 acres —Barbara Barrielle The Caldor Fire is only 16% contained as it continues its...

Fire Watch: Caldor Fire Blazes Through El Dorado Wine Country

County’s wineries remain alert, but untouched; surrounding AVAs contend with smoke. —Barbara Barrielle The Caldor Fire has torched 114,166 acres of El Dorado County. As of...


Enhancing the Potential of your Musts: Tips to Producing High-End Wines in Limiting Climate Conditions 1. Manage oxidation 2. Control microorganisms With a special focus on : ...

Growing Forward: Vineyard & Grower Virtual Conference

Growing Forward is a ½-day, online conference focused on preparing Grapegrowers for the year ahead. The conference will kick off with a session highlighting...

Smoke Taint: Recent Research Surrounding Grapevine Health and Wine Quality

Consistent increases in wildfire events and their impact on the grape and wine industries are driving the need for better understanding of smoke taint...

Wildfire and Smoke Taint Insurance

As wildfires threaten communities in California and beyond, many grape growers have faced a difficult 2020 harvest made even more challenging by the fast-moving fires and smoke that has filled the region. Even for the vineyards that have been spared from the ravages of fire, extreme smoke conditions can taint the grapes.

Smoke Taint Removal Process Puts Winemaker in Control

Leading Alcohol and Flavor Management Company Provides Critical Smoke Taint Relief to Winemakers During Historic Wildfires “The difference here is the timing and the magnitude...

New Multi-Pronged Smoke Taint Removal Process Patented

Climate change presents real challenges to wine producing locations when wildfires strike where wine grapes are grown. Essentially sucking in the smoke compounds floating...

ConeTech Builds on Core Expertise to Solve for the Increasing Problem...

ConeTech Builds on Core Expertise to Solve for the Increasing Problem of Smoke Taint in Wine: For a company built on removing alcohol from wine, the focus over the past decade for ConeTech, a member of Advanced Beverage Technologies (ABT) family of companies, has been on innovation and other ways to use its equipment and expertise.

Mitigating for Smoke Exposure and Returning Value to Tainted Wine

Mitigating for Smoke Exposure and Returning Value to Tainted Wine: That wildfires have become an annual summer ritual comes as no surprise to anyone. Not only are the numbers increasing – in 2017, there were 71,499 wildfires, compared to 65,575 wildfires in the same period in 2016, according to the National Interagency Fire Center

Wineries Sue Insurers for $20 Million in Smoke Taint Losses

Kunde and Vintage Wine Estates (VWE) have filed suit against their insurers at Sonoma County Superior Court collectively seeking approximately $20 million in losses....

Afternoon Brief, October 1

State Appeals Court Issues Split Decision on Walt Ranch Vineyard Project in Napa County: The fate of a proposed 209-acre vineyard development in the eastern hills of Napa County remains in court. A state appeals court in San Francisco on Monday ruled that Napa County did not properly evaluate the environmental impacts of greenhouse gas emissions of the proposed Walt Ranch project when it approved the project in 2016...