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Affinity Creative Delivers Retro Style for Borreo, a New Wine Project...

June 16th - MARE ISLAND, CA - Silverado Vineyards, the iconic Napa Valley winery founded by Diane Disney Miller and Ron Miller in 1981,...

Afternoon Brief, May 12th

Another Sonoma County California Winery Closes: Two famous old Sonoma wineries have closed within a week - coincidence or a worrying trend?...

Affinity Creative Rebrands Napa Valley’s Brandlin Estate

MARE ISLAND, CA - Located in the heart of Napa Valley's famed Mount Veeder AVA, Brandlin Winery has been renamed Brandlin Estate, with the help of...

Afternoon Brief, April 21th

Napa County Declines Fire Boss Planes for the 2021 Wildfire Season: Growers/Vintners for Responsible Agriculture offered to pay $1.5 million to lease the planes and crew from Dauntless Air. But in the face of Cal Fire opposition, the Napa County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday rejected the offer for now...

Afternoon Brief, April 20th

2020 Wine Consumption Up in Brazil, Down in China and Flat in U.S.: Global wine consumption fell only 3% during 2020, according to the OIV in Paris, in their annual state of industry report today. The decline was primarily due to the impact of Covid, reported Pau Roca, Director General of the OIV, who compared it to the impact of the 2008 financial crisis...

Affinity Creative Launches Earth Month Glamping Sweepstakes for Redwood Empire Whiskey

April 19th - MARE ISLAND, CA - Fueling their desire to create a month-long Earth Day celebration, Redwood Empire Whiskey called on Affinity Creative...

Afternoon Brief, February 17th

Tennessee Legislators Aim to Limit Winery Direct Shipping Sales: Lawmakers propose banning winery direct shipping through fulfillment houses, which handle logistics for small wineries; federal court upholds Missouri ban on out-of-state wine merchants...

Affinity Creative’s Sweet Design for Oliver Winery

MARE ISLAND, CA - How do you makeover the flagship label of a 700,000 case winery? “Very carefully,” says Cynthia Sterling, Creative Director at...

Affinity Creative Group’s Fresh Take on Canned Tequila Seltzer

Designing more than the look of a new drink… it’s an adventure in a can. Communicating a lively, fun lifestyle, along with the very...

Afternoon Brief, October 12

How Winemakers Craft Clean Natural Wines: Why are some natural wines marked by volatile acidity, Brett, and mousiness, while others aren't? Alex Russan investigates...

Affinity Creative Group Awakens the Spirit of Alaska

October 9, 2020 - MARE ISLAND, CA - What do you do when your greatest asset is hiding under a glacier? That's what the management...

Afternoon Brief, September 24

California Regulators Identify Violations After Rodney Strong Wine Spill, but No Fine Yet: One of the largest wine spills in Sonoma County history this year violated federal and state clean water laws, according to California officials, who are still deciding whether an accident at a Healdsburg winery that emptied a 100,000-gallon tank and polluted the Russian River with red wine will result in any fines...

Making First Impressions with Secondary Packaging

Presentation packaging has many forms and their structure is as important as their design...

Afternoon Brief, July 30

Phylloxera Breakthrough Brings Hope to Vineyards: A breakthrough study in Europe could open the door to an end to the curse of phylloxera...

Affinity Creative Group Says “Can Do” for SABÉ Pre-Mixed Cocktails

MARE ISLAND, CA-- After successfully launching a highly acclaimed line of tequila, bourbon, and vodka blends, what do you do for an encore? For the...
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