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The Future of Wine DTC Is WineDirect


Since its founding, WineDirect has had one core goal: to provide wineries with all they need to establish and run a successful direct-to-consumer business. WineDirect accomplishes that goal by providing an all-in-one solution including website tools, tasting room point of sale, wine clubs and fulfillment.

This year, WineDirect unveiled its brand-new platform. The team decided to partner with BigCommerce for website and content functionality allowing them focus on building the many wine-specific aspects required to meet the needs of the industry. Clients incur no additional costs to upgrade because WineDirect has a complete understanding of their data and settings and a dedicated team in place to support migration and training. Clients can count on WineDirect’s team of experts to assist every step of the way.

“Our new platform is a true all-in-one solution, with no need for costly and complicated integrations, however, it is also open and flexible, so if you have a unique need, integration will be simple,” says Jim Secord, VP Product at WineDirect. “We’ve leveraged BigCommerce’s technology for consumer-facing websites and content management and built all of the intricacies wineries require including taxes, compliance, reporting, and inventory, resulting in a complete system and importantly, a single source of truth for wineries’ data.”

So, what are some of the features of the new platform?

Beautiful, Dynamic Storefronts

The All-New WineDirect platform allows wineries to create unique storefronts with user-friendly page builders and templates that make it easy to implement dynamic website content, giving consumers a personalized experience. Fast and secure checkouts allow the use of coupons, gift cards, promotions, and even give consumers a choice of modern payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Clients can manage multiple storefronts and brands within a single customer database, allowing businesses to market more effectively. Sophisticated segmentation and email tools let you send the right message at the right time to the right person, automatically. All of these features are included in a winery’s one monthly subscription fee with WineDirect.

Intuitive Point of Sale with Fast Checkout

The intuitive Point of Sale (POS) system was built with wine businesses and their customers in mind. Everything you need to know about your customers is at your fingertips, giving your staff the ability to easily reference information and enhance personal relationships, making it easier to upsell. There is no per-user fee, and it is easy for seasonal staff to master quickly. A fast checkout, multiple payment options, and offline mode make sure you never miss a sale. The new POS payment hardware allows businesses to accept all major payment methods in addition to the modern digital payments mentioned above.

VIP Treatment for Club Members

Reimagined wine club software in the All-New WineDirect makes it easy to control every facet of your wine club. Seamlessly manage multiple club tiers, subscriptions, and allocations with built-in email tools to segment and market to your members. A member portal gives customers the flexibility they crave to easily personalize orders and update information. Robust reporting tools track attrition rates and stay on top of sign-ups, customer anniversaries, and more, which increases member retention and club growth.

The All-New WineDirect is the best comprehensive commerce platform for wineries to start, manage, and grow their direct-to-consumer business. WineDirect clients can request their upgrade by completing the form here. If you are interested in WineDirect for your winery, please request a demo to get a closer look at the new platform and ask questions directly to the WineDirect team.

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