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American Wine Lovers Share the Joy of Life with Vin de France


Vin de France imports post double digit growth in volume and value in last 12 months

NEW YORK—JUNE 19, 2018—VIN DE FRANCE designated wines continue to be embraced by American wine lovers. In the last 12 months, total imports of VIN DE FRANCE designated wines continued a double-digit growth trend for the 5th year in a row with total U.S. imports growing an impressive 32%1 by volume and 30%[1] by value. Total volume imported to the U.S. topped nearly 1.5M cases1 (9L) totaling $52M1 (USD) making the U.S. the 5th largest importer1 of VIN DE FRANCE wines.

“The U.S. presents a tremendous opportunity for VIN DE FRANCE brands and their producers,” said Valérie Pajotin, Director of ANIVIN DE FRANCE, the national trade organization responsible for promoting VIN DE FRANCE wines. “We are delighted that American wine drinkers have discovered VIN DE FRANCE and embraced these creative, quality wines in the way that they have. After just five years of availability in the U.S., VIN DE FRANCE has become synonymous with quality, value and creativity.” 

VIN DE FRANCE wines can now be found across the U.S. at many leading wine retailers including Total Wine & More, Lowes Foods, Blanchards Wine & Spirits, Spec’s Wine & Spirits and the state managed wine stores of Montgomery County in Maryland. Additionally, during the months of June and July 2018, 30 New York City independent wine retailers are featuring selections of VIN DE FRANCE varietal wines. Additional sales promotions are planned for 2018 to support the growth of this dynamic category.

Many wines in this category feature easy to recognize French wine varietals right on the label, affordable prices and creative, quality winemaking. Wine buyers are applauding.

“As a buyer, I am looking for the next hidden gems, which over deliver and offer great value and that will surprise my customers,” said Andrea Albicocco from Total Wine & More. “To me, VIN DE FRANCE does that. I love the clarity of the labels, they are so important to understand a grape varietal.”

“I think VIN DE FRANCE is the wine classification that embodies innovation the most,” added Aimee Lasseigne-New from Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit.

VIN DE FRANCE is a national classification created following changes in the European regulations. Representing a new generation of French wines, VIN DE FRANCE wines can be either a single varietal wine or a blend, and producers are permitted to blend grapes or wines from different regions of France. The grape variety and vintage can be shown on the label. While strict quality requirements are in place, wine producers have the flexibility to use modern winemaking techniques. With rules concerning yields or winemaking practices lifted, producers can be as creative in their production methods as they wish. This is why well-known French producers such as Saget La Perrière, Maison Albert Bichot, Gérard Bertrand or Boisset – La Famille des Grands Vins have embraced the category. Today this dynamic category of wines account for 16% of all still wine exports from France and are some of the best-selling French wines in the U.S.

Connect with VIN DE FRANCE wines on Facebook and Instagram at @VinDeFranceWinesUSA #vindefrancewines.

[1] Source : Customs statistics-Business France Moving Annual Total March 2018 vs same period 2017

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