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Oenodia Raising the Bar for Innovative Technologies Across the Global Wine Industry One Bottle at a Time!


1.1 Billion Bottles of Wine Globally are Stabilized Using OENODIA STARS Technology!

Since its inception, OENODIA, the enology division of France’s Eurodia Industrie SAS, one of the world’s leading specialists of liquid purification and filtration systems, has been on a path to revolutionize winemaking processes around the globe.

The Oenodia journey began with the development of Electrodialysis aka ED, a membrane-based technology for tartrate stabilization of wine, which was accomplished in conjunction with engineers from the French-based Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in the early 1990’s.

Electrodialysis (ED), better known now in the US as STARS™ (Selective Tartrate Removal System), is based on a controlled and measured extraction of potassium, calcium and tartrates, offering a single pass, tartrate stability guarantee and is an alternative to cold stability or additives such as CMC.

The process, which is exclusive to Oenodia, has been lauded for its enhancement of sensory wine characteristics, wine loss elimination, absolute and guaranteed reliability, time and energy savings ability, continuous control over treatment, fixed operational costs, and high performance in both financial and environmental terms.

Oenodia today has partners across five different continents and approximately 220 million gallons, or three percent of total global wine production, is stabilized using Oenodia’s STARS technology. Three percent may not sound like much, but that’s close to 91 million cases or 1.1 billion bottles of wine stabilized without precipitation, customer complaints or returns due to stability issues.

According to Domingo Rodriquez, Oenodia’s Wine Business Manager for North America, the continual progression of the STARS technology across the STARS Line of equipment underscores the dedication of Oenodia’s Research and Development team, and their commitment to facilitating the final steps in the vinification process.

Based on the innovative R&D efforts, and a natural evolution of STARS, Oenodia launched the comprehensive STARS-Line, which allows wineries to streamline the last steps before bottling and combine the following technologies: centrifuge, crossflow filtration, pH adjustment and tartrate stabilization into a single-pass system (STARSct, STARSxf, STARSph and STARSstab).

“STARS XF, which is the most recent addition to the series, combines centrifuge, crossflow microfiltration and tartrate stabilization in a single pass,” Rodriguez explains. “The result is the elimination of wine loss, plus water, energy and labor savings, bringing production to a whole new level. That’s the contribution that Eurodia, through Oenodia has made to the global wine industry.”

In December, Oenodia North America will be releasing its new, state of the art STARS XF Mobile Service unit, capable of delivering the STARS/Crossflow Filtration combination in a single pass to wineries on site.

Both systems can be coupled to stabilize and filter continuously or be used separately, according to specific winery production needs.

For information and orders go to www.oenodia.us or call Domingo Rodriguez, Wine Business Manager at Oenodia North America 707-486-4651.


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