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Trefinos SL Announces the launch of Trefinos USA


Offering technical corks with Super Critical CO2 and TD3 technologies via its CWINE Brand

(NAPA, Calif.) – Trefinos SL, manufacturer of technical cork stoppers announces the launch of Trefinos USA. Trefinos SL, based in Girona Spain, has manufactured cork stoppers in the wine sector for more than 250 years with a philosophy based on respect for nature and using advanced technologies to ensure the maximum quality of its product.

“We’ve serviced the US market for more than 35 years through distributors or directly from Spain. With the growth in the US Market, especially in the technical cork segment, we see a perfect opportunity to establish a local presence to better serve the growing market and customer needs.” said Cristina Ginesta, General Manager of Trefinos SL.

The launch of Trefinos USA commemorates a year of success for Trefinos SL. The company has enjoyed nearly double-digit growth in each of the last 5 years, with a large part of this success being attributed to the growth of the CWINE Brand.  CWINE offers wineries the choice of utilizing Super Critical CO2 or TD3 technology to eradicate TCA and other non-desirable aromatic compounds in cork material to 100% non detectable levels on each and every stopper produced.

Printing, coating and order fulfillment will take place in a state-of-the-art cork processing facility in Napa California, with the capacity to stock several million cork stoppers. 

Trefinos SL is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of technical corks, offering 2 technologies for the eradication of TCA below detectable level and over 150 other non-desirable aromatic compounds.  Each cork has an individual TCA free guarantee and is offered in 3 different ranges of permeability, ensuring consistency from bottle to bottle.

For more information about Trefinos or to schedule a meeting with a company representative, please contact Trefinos USA at 707.266.5325, or visit www.compacwine.com or send an email to [email protected]



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