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W2O Group Acquires VinTank Social Engagement & CRM Platform to Focus on the “9 Percent” and Grow Its SaaS-Driven Business


W2O GroupSan Francisco, March 25, 2015W2O Group announced today that it has acquired VinTank, a social engagement and customer relationship management (CRM) platform, to enable and enhance its technology-enabled client service offerings, founded by Paul Mabray and James Jory to service winery and small business owners.

“To reach the majority of a brand’s audience, we are building a suite of services and software to reach the 1% who create content and the 9% who share it,” said Jim Weiss, chairman and chief executive office of W2O Group. “A modern day media offering will be defined, in the future, by who has the best influencer algorithms and media team, combined with the ability to know exactly who your audience is and how to most effectively reach them.  Guessing is not a strategy.”

Mabray has over 20 years in the wine and technology industry, and was the founder and CEO of the first and most successful wine ecommerce SaaS Company: WineDirect.com. Jory has been a technologist for over 25 years, and was the chief architect for eBay ProStores.  Their technology targets customer engagement, calculates social media health for brands and implements innovative geo-fencing tools to support lead generation and prospective outreach.

“Our team of data scientists can identify and build an audience for a brand, regardless of size,” said Bob Pearson, president of W2O Group. “VinTank provides us with a way to create agile audience engines for a brand, where we can learn what an audience is doing online, understand what content they like, evaluate who they follow and respect and, ultimately, redefine what “customer relationship management” means.  Our goal is to build audiences that have the potential to shape the market.”

Though VinTank has primarily focused on the wine and hospitality industries, its software has been recognized as one of the leaders in contextual customer engagement and is uniquely positioned to bring its innovative solution to any industry. As such, it will be a key critical piece of the W2O software S²aaS suite, which enhances and enables service excellence.

“Our vision has always been to transform customer relationships and understanding through intelligent context,” said Mabray. “Joining the W2O team is a perfect fit to couple their powerful analytics and audience identifications tools with our data driven engagement software to supercharge the relationship between brands and their customers.”

Read more about what the acquisition brings to W2O Group and the innovative approach Mabray will bring to the software practice on our Common Sense blog here.

About W2O Group

Founded and led by Chairman and CEO Jim Weiss, W2O Group is an independent network of complementary marketing, communications, research and development firms focused on integrated business solutions to drive change and growth through “pragmatic disruption” for the world’s leading brands and organizations. W2O Group’s network includes WCG, Twist, BrewLife and W2O Ventures with 11 offices in the United States and Europe. For more information, please visit http://w2ogroup.com.

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vintankAbout VinTank

VinTank is the leading software solution for social media management for the wine and hospitality industry. Measuring over one billion conversations about wine, profiling over 30 million social wine consumers and serving over 1000 wine brands, VinTank helps wineries, restaurants and hotels connect and understand their customers in ways never before imagined. VinTank – Power Social Intelligence for your Business. For more information, please visit www.vintank.com.

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