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A Harsh Pill to Swallow: 2024 SVB Report Predicts Tough Times...

Changing demographics, dropping demand and “bulging” inventories call for industry leadership and vision. By Jeff Siegel   There is very little good news in this year’s Silicon...

Wine Industry Sales Symposium (WISS) a Success

In-person event delivered actionable takeaways for attendees seeking to increase sales and make genuine customer connections. May 15, 2023 (Healdsburg, Calif.) – Last week’s Wine...

Your Trade Invitation Link for Future Drinks Expo

Don't miss your chance to experience Future Drinks Expo 2022 - the drink industry's must-attend event of 2022. What Future Drinks Expo does and why...

Don’t Confuse Tools Like Big Data and AI with Customer Experience,...

Winemakers are so enamoured with making wine, they don’t always leave enough love over for selling it, believes digital marketing supremo Paul Mabray. The...

Coronavirus Again Exposes Fragility of Hospitality Driven Wine Business

In the beginning of March when the seriousness of the Coronavirus outbreak began to dawn on US Consumers, WineDirect noticed an immediate 22% volume decrease in weekend tasting room sales compared to the previous month across the 900 US and Canada wineries that use their point-of-sale system ...

Afternoon Brief, February 21

As Low-End Wine Prices Fall, Premium Varieties Likely Won't Budge: If you're a connoisseur of fine wine, don't expect to get the same price breaks that are starting to appear among cheaper varieties...

Afternoon Brief, February 17

EU Wine and Spirits Avoid Tariff Hike but 25% Duties Remain: The US government has announced that current tariffs on still wines made in France, Germany, Spain and the UK, as well as Scotch whisky, will remain in place, but that duties will not be raised to 100%...

Afternoon Brief, December 17

Wine Institute applauds today's vote in the House of Representatives to extend federal excise tax benefits for all wineries and urges the Senate to ensure this legislation becomes law ...

Digital Darwinism Imminent: Wineries Must Invest in Digital or Perish

According to Paul Mabray of Emetry, wineries are ignoring the importance of digitally engaging both their existing and potential customers at their peril ...

Afternoon Brief, October 2

Four Ways to Make a Winery More Profitable: The balance of power has changed in Australian wine, according to a speaker at the recent Wine Industry IMPACT Conference. Australian producers now have an unprecedented opportunity to "claw margin back" and take control of their own financial future...

Afternoon Brief, August 21

Napa Valley Preps for Wildfires, Next-Gen Wine Marketing: Calistoga Mayor Chris Canning knows whats it is like when an entire city is pitched into a power blackout, on purpose. In 2018, the Napa Valley city became the first entire municipality to experience the planned shutdown of the power grid in order to reduce the risk of wildfires...

Afternoon Brief, July 11

Wine Industry Needs Improvement on Emergency Preparedness: The wine industry received a C+ grade on preparedness for catastrophic events, such as wildfires and earthquakes, that could potentially cripple a business, according to survey released Wednesday by Sonoma State University...

Afternoon Brief, January 17

Napa Is Suddenly Abuzz with Winery and Vineyard Sales: After a relatively quiet period in Napa Valley mergers and acquisitions, we are suddenly seeing a flurry of activity. The big headline: Ed and Deb Fitts have sold Brand, the very high-end estate on Napa's Pritchard Hill that they founded in 2005, to Jim Bean and Christine O'Sullivan for an undisclosed price...

Consumer Behavior Data Now Accessible for Efficient Wine Marketing

“The wine industry has been obfuscated by their data sources given the traditional three tier distribution system,” says Mabray. “Consumer behavior and the foundation of how consumers buy is not apparent to wineries, so we (Emetry) come in as kind of data miners, gather wells of data, clean them up, and put them in a data lake.”

Making Big Data Work for Wine

“Data doesn’t always tell the truth,” said Paul Mabray, CEO of Emetry in his opening remarks of the Wine Industry Data Summit, setting the tone for an inspirational series of talks about the challenges and opportunities the wine industry faces for using data to better understand and engage wine consumers in an effective and purposeful way.