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Bonterra Organic Vineyards Launches Young Red Nationwide, Driving Excitement for Chilled Reds


Newest Addition to Bonterra Line Anticipates Growing Interest in Versatile, Light-Bodied Red Wines

MENDOCINO COUNTY, Calif., Aug. 27, 2019Bonterra Organic Vineyards, America’s leading purveyor of organically farmed wines, introduces Young Red, a fresh take on the chilled red trend. Propelled by rosé wine’s unequivocal momentum, Young Red balances the body and structure of a red wine with the dryness and refreshing profile of a white. Bonterra’s newest introduction answers the resounding call for approachable, lighter-bodied reds and is now available nationwide in both traditional 750ml bottles and four-packs of popular 250ml cans.

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“With Bonterra, our goal is to continue to introduce new and exciting offerings to our fans, with our foundation always firmly rooted in organic farming and the benefits that go with it,” said Rachel Newman, director of marketing for Bonterra. “Young Red has the lovely crimson color of a red, but in terms of style and sensation it has much more in common with a white or rosé. Crafted from the hard press of our popular Bonterra Rosé, Young Red speaks to the growing interest in crisp, lighter-bodied wines for year-round enjoyment.”

Wine’s Next Act: Chilled Reds

Rosé’s phenomenal rise1 signals a positive reception for chilled reds, which offer a similar style to rosé and whose fans show strong shared interests with rosé fans.2 Online interest in chilled reds underscores similar momentum, with growth in online conversations around the topic of chilled red wine growing by an average of 12.7% annually between 2016 and 2019.3 Against this backdrop, the Organic Trade Association reports that the U.S. market for organic products grew an incredible 127% between 2009 and 20184—heralding a bright future for a chilled red from organically farmed fruit.

The Definition of Chill

Wine fans looking to experiment will find a welcome discovery in Young Red (SRP $16), a blend of Mendocino County Grenache and Syrah with the addition of Malbec for enhanced color and depth. Released the spring following harvest without any malolactic fermentation or barrel aging, Young Red is fresh and vibrant, delivering a mouthwatering palate of fresh fig, raspberries, watermelon rind and pomegranate. And while lower levels of tannin, higher acidity and a pleasing, light-bodied palate may draw comparisons to Beaujolais Nouveau, Young Red foregoes carbonic maceration. Bonterra Winemaker Jeff Cichocki instead opts for fermentation without contact with skins or seeds to avoid the extraction of harsh tannins, while a cooler fermentation gives the wine its soft, round mouthfeel.

Dynamic Duo: Rosé & Young Red

Continuing to upend expectations, the conception of Young Red also offers something different and surprising: “In the classic saignée method of crafting rosé, winemakers ‘bleed off’ a portion of the juice intended for red wine to create rosé,” explains Cichocki. “With Young Red, we flipped this paradigm—creating a red wine from our Bonterra Rosé juice, in what was initially an experiment.” Ultimately a happy experiment, Young Red’s debut signals the ongoing evolution of the notable Bonterra winery, continuing to blend the quality and balanced flavors of organic fruit with ongoing innovation to deliver America’s most diverse and engaging portfolio of wines crafted from organically grown grapes. 

To learn more about Bonterra, Young Red and living your best organic life, visit Bonterra.com or follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook @Bonterra, and use the hashtag #chilledred.

About Bonterra

Organically farmed and masterfully made, the Bonterra Organic Vineyards collection epitomizes wines that are perfectly in tune with nature. A celebration of the vitality stemming from organic farming, the portfolio features wines coaxed from the earth by careful farming practices carried out on a dynamic network of estate and partner farms throughout California. In addition to a widely available selection of organically farmed wines that includes Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Equinox Red, Young Red and Rosé, Bonterra crafts a trio of sought-after single-vineyard offerings from estate Biodynamic® vineyards in Mendocino County, and Elysian Collection Merlot, an elevated offering from organic grapes.

Long before organic produce filled the shelves of neighborhood groceries, the dedicated team at Bonterra was committed to organic and Biodynamic farming because they passionately believe that farms teeming with biodiversity—encompassing vines, insects and wildlife, and healthy soils—yield organic grapes leading to better wines. www.Bonterra.com

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