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Vine Connections Now Importing Casarena and New Brand Areyna by Casarena


(SAUSALITO, CA) April, 2017 – Vine Connections, the fine wine importer and marketer of appellation-based California and South American wines and Japanese sake, is pleased to announce that it is now importing Argentine winery Casarena into the United States. Vine Connections is also launching Areyna, a new estate-grown, sub-twenty-dollar brand that was recently developed by Casarena.

Casarena brings renewed excitement to the historic growing region of Luján de Cuyo in Mendoza by way of innovation and restoration. Casarena looks to the roots of the Agrelo and Perdriel regions to uncover abandoned and neglected old vine Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, and nurtures them back to health and productivity. Casarena also focuses on crafting wines that are expressive of the unique microclimates and terroirs within the Luján de Cuyo appellation. All wines are 100% estate grown, which is not so common in Mendoza.

“We are pleased to be adding Casarena to our Argentine portfolio. Through the work of Casarena, some of the oldest and most precious vineyards in Luján de Cuyo have been restored.  They are also uncovering some hidden gem soil structures of the appellation and it shows through in the quality of the wines. We think both the trade and consumers will be surprisingly delighted with what they taste,” says Ed Lehrman, co-founder and Managing Partner of Vine Connections.

Casarena brings to market two single-vineyard estate wines that exemplify their success with both unique microclimates and rejuvenating old Mendocino vines. Planted in the early 1930s by an immigrant Italian family, Owen’s Vineyard in Agrelo uses a traditional parral or pergola trellis system that has grapes hanging from six feet tall vines. From the best, hand harvested blocks of this vineyard, Casarena crafts the expressive and complex Single-Vineyard Owen’s Cabernet Sauvignon, SRP $30. 

Similarly, wines from Naoki’s Vineyard showcase Casarena’s mastery of micro-terroirs. Located on a solitary plateau in Luján de Cuyo’s Agrelo district just a few miles east of the Andean foothills, this young estate vineyard is characterized by rocky soil, wild local herbs, and the presence of large blocks of limestone that bear signs of ancient sea fossils. The Single-Vineyard Naoki’s Malbec is a complex and elegant wine with fine structure, floral characteristics, and nice minerality, SRP $30.

Casarena was founded in 2007 upon the full restoration of a 1930s winery in the heart of Perdriel. This restoration is a symbol of the winery’s viticultural mission to honor and modernize the rich tradition of winemaking in this high-altitude region. The name “Casarena” is a creative merging of the Spanish words “casa” (house) and “arena” (sand), and is a tribute the restored winery and the estate’s sandy terroir. Casarena will be available in select markets starting May 2017.


Young and innovative winemaker Mariano Quiroga Adamo heads up the winery and leads the charge in fusing tradition and modernity in this long-time growing region within Mendoza. Mariano recently joined the Casarena team in his native Mendoza after spending several years in Salta as the head winemaker for El Porvenir. He was named “Young Winemaker of the Year” at the Gaucho Annual Winemaker Awards in the UK. Mariano’s mission is to let the Lujan de Cuyo terroir speak naturally through his wines, and he brings fresh innovation to what is new and exciting in Argentina.


With an average suggested retail price of $15, Areyna represents the evolution of the historic Luján de Cuyo wine region by utilizing newly discovered vineyard sites to merge the tradition and modernization of the region. Areyna launches with a Malbec and a Cabernet Sauvignon, both hand harvested from Casarena’s estate vineyards in Luján de Cuyo, fermented in 100% concrete tanks to preserve the grapes’ distinctive, native character, and aged for 6 months before release. Areyna will be available in select markets starting May 2017.

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