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G3 Enterprises Makes New Advances in Total Packaging Solutions

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G Ink bottle displayContinuing their commitment to innovation in wine packaging, G3 Enterprises introduced their newest solutions at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium.

Among the products on display were G3’s new GTWIST 30×60 Cap Collection which is the latest addition to the existing GFRESH caps for lightly carbonated wines, G INK decorative ink effects, and new GSEAL oxygen transmission rate controlling caps. These exciting 30×60 cap offerings combine the powerful creative features of G INK with new patent-pending cap liner options.

“Our new products are backed by extensive research and testing by our very talented team of technical and creative people” said John Cunningham, Director of Innovation. “The rigorous process we employ ensures top-level product performance for our customers.”

The new GSEAL caps feature a wide range of oxygen transmission rates matching the ingress of many existing closure types. These options make it easier for a winemaker to transition into the GTWIST without affecting the oxygen mediated development of the wine. In addition, G3 offers onsite technical service support including complimentary start-up assistance for wineries transitioning to GTWIST Caps. With the new liner technologies, G3 addresses one of the most important technical aspects of quality packaging – product protection.

The other key aspect is presentation. Last year G3 introduced the bichromic and thermochromic capabilities of G INK. Where bichromic changes color depending on a consumer’s viewing angle, and thermochromic changes color depending on the package’s temperature. A number of wines utilizing these cutting-edge design capabilities are already in stores providing consumers with a different way to interact with the package

G3 foil embossThis year, G3 has added to the interactive capabilities of G INK with photochromic inks that react to ultraviolet light, such as the sun. For example, when a bottle is taken outdoors and exposed to sunlight, the cap and label decorated with this technology will change colors revealing a new image or message.

“We wanted to build on the element of discovery,” said Cunningham, “especially for the millennial generation, discovery is an important part of the wine experience that they can share with their friends.”

These G INK technologies work both on the cap and on the label allowing wineries an amazing array of design options. In addition to these unique inks, GTWIST Caps also offer new elegant premium top image emboss and foil, along with decorated side foil options that immediately catch the eye of consumers.

“Demonstrating our innovations and seeing people’s reactions at trade shows is rewarding as a product developer,” said Cunningham, “but we also welcome wineries contacting us directly if they want to learn more about our new packaging products and services.”

Location: Modesto, CA
Web: www.g3enterprises.com
WIN Profile: G3 Enterprises

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