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Experts Say Robust Ecommerce Programs Are Key to Wine Industry Survival...

While fourth quarter numbers are still being crunched and the gains and losses of 2020 have yet to be fully tabulated, one thing is crystal clear: online sales of wine and other alcoholic beverages made a huge difference in a year wreaked by the havoc of Covid and a wildly unpredictable economy...

Mondavi’s Judd Wallenbrock Predicts a Premium Year in 2021

It’s apparent in speaking with Judd Wallenbrock, CEO of C. Mondavi & Family (parent company to Charles Krug), that he is highly optimistic about the future of wine in 2021...

RNDC: Winery Success in 2021 Requires Sales Channel Understanding and Flexibility

Philana Bouvier, VP Fine Wine, Supplier Business Development at Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), a world class distributor of fine wine and spirits in North America, has some advice for 2021...

Coastal Winegrape Market Won’t Return to Normal Until 2023-24

As the president of Allied Grape Growers, a cooperative of over 450 grape growers in California, Jeff Bitter has had a challenging year….like much of the wine producing community...

Winery eCommerce Data Reveals Keys to Growing Sales

“The number one thing wineries need to do in 2021 to grow their eCommerce sales is utilize personalization,” says Zach Kamphuis, General Manager of Commerce7...

The HENRYs Offer the Greatest Opportunity for the Wine Sector in...

By Barbara Barrielle Damien Wilson, Ph.D, The Hamel Family Faculty Chair of Wine Business at Sonoma State, is never boring. That bodes well for his...

Business “Resiliency” Critical to Economic Success for Wine Industry During COVID-Era...

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone We’re all familiar with the saying that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” but for an industry that...

BOLD Predictions: Thriving Post-COVID

After several years of record-breaking fire events, experts predicted 2020 to be the "year of recovery" for the California wine industry.  However, with the outbreak...

Wine Price Correction to Intensify in 2020

Michael De Loach of Michael De Loach Brands, acts as a broker and marketing consultant for many small-to-medium brands, like Selby Wines, Bucher, Davis Family and Bennet Lane.

Wine in Cans Will Represent 10% of Market in 2025

Nielsen data started tracking canned wine in 2014, only five years ago when canned wines represented less than $10 million of the total market.

Digital Darwinism Imminent: Wineries Must Invest in Digital or Perish

According to Paul Mabray of Emetry, wineries are ignoring the importance of digitally engaging both their existing and potential customers at their peril ...

2020 Will Bring an Explosion in Non-Traditional Packaging

Liz Paquette, Director of Brand and Head of Consumer Insights at Drizly predicts that 2020 is going to bring an explosion of non-traditional packaging variants, with a particular focus on the Ready to Drink (RTD) segment ...

Wine Industry Well Equipped to Meet Climate Change Challenges

“Wine people are interested in surviving and succeeding and will work within the natural boundaries they are given,” says Jim Trezise, President of WineAmerica. He has his finger on the pulse of the wine industry and is intimately aware of the issues facing vintners ...

True Consumer Choice Beginning to Impact Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Cheryl Durzy, CEO and founder of Liberation Distribution (LibDib), thinks the time for real consumer choice in the alcoholic beverage industry is about to dawn as consumer behavior, retailer services, and increased 3-tier access trends converge. For wineries this presents an opportunity, but is no slam dunk.

Within Five Years Entire Brands Will Be Created Through Pre-Production Personalization

Within Five Years Entire Brands Will Be Created Through Pre-Production Personalization: “Within five years you will see entire brands created through pre-production personalization by flavor and shopper profiling at an individual level.
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