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Boisé® Inspiration Stave #20.HD: A High-Toasted Stave Offering a Unique Flavor Profile


The newest 20-millimeter stave in Boisé’s Inspiration line, stands out. “You can tell just from looking at it, the sensory results are going to be incredible and unique,” says Glenn Jeffries, Boisé Oak Consultant.

Boisé offers each of their stave flavor profiles in 7mm and 20mm versions, except for their new #20.HD stave, which is only available in 20mm. In order to get the high definition toast of the #20.HD with its depth of flavors, you need a thicker stave that can stand up to the intensity of the toasting process.

Glenn Jeffries

The #20.HD stave brings toast and mocha notes, increases roundness and sweetness in the mouth, while boosting volume and length on the palate with significant aromatic persistence.

“Boisé products stand out for their high concentrations of the aromatics and toasting components that you want without less desirable notes,” says Jeffries. “That distinguishes us and runs all the way through the Boisé line. The brand is known to be very high quality, very consistent and very potent. Therefore, dose rates for our products tend to be low compared to other products on the market.”

All Boisé oak products are made from 100% French oak exclusively from PEFC sustainably managed forests, and an advanced sorting process allows Boisé to get the right oak into the right processing stream to create precise end-products. Whether it’s chips, staves or barrel inserts, the variety of formats and toasting profiles allows the winemaker to select the correct product for creating the desired wine profile.

“Chips are a great option if the focus is on specific aromatic or mouthfeel components and a shorter extraction period is desired. The 7mm thin staves are nice too and require less extraction time, whereas the 20mm thick staves have stronger structural impact to offer more complexity and structure,” says Jeffries.

#20.HD Stave

Because of their thickness and toasting spectrum, 20mm staves create the most barrel-like impact with some tannin and a complexity of aromatic components, but it takes more time to impart these characters. “With the 20-millimeter staves you get fantastic complexity, but don’t panic if after three months it’s not fully integrated,” says Jeffries. “It takes time, a little patience, and understanding of product selection, dose rates and oxygen management. With these tools used correctly you can really get into that barrel-like range.”

Boisé expects the #20.HD’s unique flavor profile and barrel-like complexity will make it very popular, especially for premium Cabernet and red wines, but also in low doses for Chardonnay and whites.

In 2020 Vivelys became the first in the sector to use exclusively renewable energy for toasting their Boisé staves, and they are continuing the push to reduce their carbon footprint. “Sustainability is where we’re heading in the future, where the focus is going to be on everything we do,” says Jeffries.

Boisé inserts, staves, and oak chips are distributed by G3 Enterprises in the United States. For more technical information, please contact G3 Enterprises or order at G3Order.com.

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