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Boisé® Inspiration Stave #20.HD: A High-Toasted Stave Offering a Unique Flavor...

The newest 20-millimeter stave in Boisé’s Inspiration line, stands out. “You can tell just from looking at it, the sensory results are going to be incredible...
Cecilia and Karine

Powerful Tools for Wineries Changing from Barrel Ageing to Oak Ageing

Vivelys has been talking about oxygen management for years; they have established themselves as the experts in the field, and now they are proud...

New Boisé Oak Staves Designed for Premium Wines

Last year Vivelys launched two variants of the Boisé Inspiration staves building on their twenty years of experience and expertise in oak alternatives developed...

Oak Research Continues to Yield New Precision Oenology Tools

The phenolic and aromatic compounds affecting wine profiles make up only 5-10% of untoasted oak, and those compounds can vary widely not just between...

Inspired Oenological Staves Deliver Precision and Consistent Results

Building on 20 years of innovation and expertise in the interaction between oak and wine, Vivelys has expanded their oak solutions range with the...
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