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JF Hillebrand Launches New Digital Customer Platform: myhillebrand


3rd October 2018 — JF Hillebrand, the leading global beverage logistics provider, has announced the launch of a new, unique and state-of-the-art digital customer platform.

The launch of myHillebrand is a major milestone in traditional freight forwarding, with JF Hillebrand being the first beverage logistics company to provide a seamless digital customer journey. Available on the website, Apple and Google Android App Store and as a desktop platform, myHillebrand enables JF Hillebrand customers worldwide to manage their shipments, offering a global picture of shipping operations with accurate and live data that is easy to access and simple to manage.

The new platform enables customers to track shipments from order placement to delivery, receive notifications, manage finances and monitor temperature and emissions levels – features that are unique in the industry. 

myHillebrand has been developed as an evolving digital platform and more functionalities will be added based on customer feedback.  In the coming months, several new features will be released, including customer support web-chats, invoice payment facilities and access to customs documentation.

Cees van Gent, Group CEO at JF Hillebrand: “Information is the cornerstone of the modern logistics industry, and beverage logistics is no different. You need robust IT platforms that provide absolute consistency, real-time tracking and full transparency, enabling your customers to make informed decisions about the things that matter”.

Leendert Vis, CIO at JF Hillebrand, added: “This new platform is going to make a big difference to the experience and efficiency of our customers’ operations all over the world. It signals the ongoing commitment and investment that JF Hillebrand is making in its IT landscape to make global shipping easy and transparent for our customers in an increasingly digital-first industry.”

In tandem with the launch of myHillebrand, JF Hillebrand is relaunching its company website, which can be found at www.jfhillebrand.com.


JF Hillebrand was founded in 1844 in Mainz, Germany. The company is the global leading service provider in the forwarding, transport and logistics of wine, spirits, beer and other products that require special care. Through its global network JF Hillebrand manages logistics and transport for any quantity from a single bottle to bulk, from all origins to all destinations, for all modalities. JF Hillebrand Group generates revenues of EUR 1.2 with a team of 2350 professionals located in 65 offices across the globe servicing 90 countries 

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