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Shannon Ridge Family of Wines Releases Next Installment in Video Series


Shannon Ranch Values

Lake County, CA — Shannon Ridge Family of Wines has released the latest video in its series of short films highlighting the philosophy of Clay Shannon and his vineyard management company, Shannon Ranches.  Shannon Ranch Values showcases the sustainable ideals and practices at the heart of Shannon’s Lake County operations, and may be viewed on the Shannon Ridge YouTube channel, along with several other videos in the series.

As the vineyard management division of Shannon Ridge Family of Wines, Shannon Ranches oversees all of the vineyards and manages the flock of sheep that patrol the properties. Sustainability is the overriding philosophy of Shannon Ridge Family of Wines, and it can be seen in the video as well as the day-to-day operations of the company.

“Caring for the land is essential.” says Clay Shannon. “We accomplish this by integrating a flock of sheep into our sustainable farming system. The sheep clean and sanitize the vineyards, which reduces our dependence on chemicals and fossil fuels, while leaving behind natural fertilizer as they make their way along the vineyard rows.”

The unbeatable combination of temperate high-altitude breezes, well-drained volcanic soils, and eager yet amiable sheep, produces grapes that result in delicious premium wines. “Cabernet Sauvignon is king here in our High Valley Vineyard; however, other varietals including Sauvignon Blanc and Petite Sirah also produce incredible flavors when grown here in these conditions,” notes Shannon.

Shannon Ranch Values was produced by Napa Films and is available for viewing on the Shannon Ridge YouTube channel.

The Shannon Ridge Family of Wines portfolio is available nationwide, and includes Shannon Reserve, Shannon Ridge High Elevation Collection, Buck Shack, High Valley, Playtime, and Vigilance.

About Shannon Ridge

Shannon Ridge is a family-owned vineyard and winery located in Lake County, California.  The Shannon family continues their commitment to preserving the land, not only for great vineyard sites, but also for the many wild creatures that also call this mountain property home. Using a farming system they have trademarked Ovis Cycle, the vineyards are certified sustainably farmed to produce the finest fruit possible. The mountain grown fruit offers the winemakers a full flavor profile from which to create robust, food-friendly wines. 


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