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Latest Vintages Released from Unique Greek/Sonoma Hybrid by Georgós Wine


Georgós Wine Combines Old World Techniques and Unique Grapes with New Innovations; Brings Handcrafted GEORGÓS Super-Premium Greek Wine With American Flair To the Table

Sonoma, CA (November 29, 2017) – Georgós Wine, an emerging wine company that has taken the best of American innovation and Greek tradition and put it into into a bottle right in the Sonoma Valley, is proud to launch its latest vintages. The brainchild of engineer-turned wine company founder Georgós Zanganas, Georgós Wine brings five wines to market, available direct from the winery, at Whole Foods in Northern California, and at fine restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles..

After moving to San Francisco to work as an engineer, Athens native Georgós Zanganas experienced that, for him, a glass of wine was an invitation to a roaring headache. Back home, he never experienced these symptoms from Greek wine. Greek wine generally has lower alcohol, which could mean that Greek wine would produce fewer headaches. While he could easily find other Greek products (yogurt, olive oil, etc.), he could not find Greek wines at local retail stores and restaurants. He decided to import the highest quality fruit from Greece to make wines suitable for the American palate: fruit forward, soft tannins, and clean tasting. These super-premium Greek Wines are blended, finished and bottled with reduced sulfites—which at higher levels can cause allergic reactions—at Deerfield Ranch Winery in Kenwood, Sonoma Valley (known for their “Clean Wine®”) under the direction of Georgós and winemaker Robert Rex.

History was on Zanganas’ side; the Greeks originated Dionysus, the god of wine, and the name Georgós derives from the Greek word for farmer. Georgós “nu” Greek wines originate from the highest-quality 100% NON-GMO and sustainably grown grapes farmed by family growers who put the utmost attention into their trade, handcrafted using natural processes and lower sulfites. Georgós’ wine is made without using synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, growth hormones and other additives.

Georgós’ grapes are then handpicked and triple hand-sorted. It’s a time-consuming and meticulous endeavor, and of the essence, because removing everything but the grapes keeps the resulting wine low in histamines (Zanganas himself is very sensitive to sulfites (SO2) and for this reason the wines have very little SO2).

The wines themselves come from a hybrid of premium Sonoma and Greek fruit, blended, and finished by winemaker Robert Rex to create a flavorful and transcendental experience that is the direct product of Old World techniques and innovation. The grapes might seem familiar, but the Greek spin is unmistakable.

Currently, Georgós Wine has five distinct varieties, each combining unforgettable names of the Greek islands with mythology:

  • Santorini, “Sophia’s Smile”: a 2016 Assyrtiko similar to a dry, crisp Sauvignon Blanc that has citrus aromas with a rich, earthy mineral character, and the acidity to stand up to meat and seafood with notes of lemon and apple. Unoaked.
  • Ios, “Aphrodite’s Kiss”: a 2016 Dry Rosé of Agiorgitiko (until recently the most commonly cultivated grape in Greece) that has all of the flavor of a Pinot Noir with the crispness of a Sauvignon Blanc. Fermented with skins on for 16 hours, it contains hints of apple and peach. Unoaked.
  • Mykonos, “Wine of Hercules”: a 2013 vintage Agiorgitiko in the Pinot Noir style that is both light and delicate yet flavor-forward in a Burgundy tradition, with a nose of strawberry patch, a touch of allspice, pepper and sandalwood. Earthy flavors include maitake with a pleasant and multi-layered finish offering faint notes of licorice.
  • Ithaka, “Penelope’s Spell”: a 2014 blend of California Cabernet and Old World grapes that is dry and big, yet gentle for a Cabernet. It’s perfectly balanced and delicious. The nose is a true Cabernet, offering bits of leather, currants and blackberries.
  • Corfu, “Siren’s Lure”: Georgós third vintage, 2014 Cabernet blend aged a year in the barrel, where Cabernet Sauvignon forms the base, Cabernet Franc gives lift, Malbec adds allure, and Merlot adds enchantment.

Winemaker Robert Rex, who has brought a scientific eye and artistic passion to winemaking for forty-five years. Rex started making wine in 1972 in Berkeley, California. He has worked for many different wineries, started wineries for others, has taught winemaking and currently acts as a consulting winemaker for Georgós handcrafted super-premium Greek Wines.

Rex’s winemaking style has its roots in the great French wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy. He believes that the blending of attributes creates the best wines. Grapes from complementary soil types and microclimates are often married to maximize varietal characteristics and complexity. His wines have won a total of 300 awards.

In conclusion, Georgós Wines are the direct result of a team pursuing excellence in flavor and the highest degrees of quality possible. They look forward to bringing their wines to holiday gatherings and tables this season.



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