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Vinduino and eVineyard Bring Smart Irrigation to New Level


The partnership between Vinduino, a California based company, and eVineyard, an Europe-based start-up developing vineyard management and analytics software, resulted in adding new innovative features that accommodate the requirements of the US winegrowers at an affordable price point.

The eVineyard application is fully customized to meet the needs of United States growers and offers new features, like an automated irrigation time determination, based on local weather data and Vinduino soil moisture measurements. This unique approach increases the ease of use and precision of vineyard irrigation, bringing water savings to the next level.

“The collaboration is very active and it’s interesting to see how many differences there are in vineyard management business between the US and Europe. “We are totally focused on meeting the requirements of the growers and offering the best solution possible to what our US customers need,” says Matic Serc, CEO of eVineyard. “Working closely with customers is mandatory for making a product that is a steal-deal for the growers, and our partnership with Vinduino has been instrumental for that.”

“The productive collaboration between our companies leverages our know-how of viticulture and IT technology. Our solution covers from sensors to actionable information, and is totally focused on meeting the requirements of our local wine grape growers”, says Reinier van der Lee, CEO of Vinduino LLC. “This unmatched combination of powerful software and open-source technology makes this the best irrigation management solution for winegrowers available today.”

About eVineyard

The eVineyard management system is a development of Elmitel, a Slovanian privately held company. Our vision is that the crops we consume should be as natural as possible, and produced with pride in a sustainable way. This is why we incorporate the latest technologies and methods in our simple-to-use software for wineries of all sizes. We help growers around the world produce highest quality crops in the most sustainable and economic way. The team behind eVineyard consists of people with agronomic and software backgrounds and is involved in EU’s innovation projects on the topic. We won several European awards for our approach. www.evineyardapp.com

About Vinduino

Vinduino LLC is a privately held company, based in California. Our award winning technologies provide accurate live information needed for adapting crop management to changing climate conditions. With this information, a farmer can use resources more efficiently, save time, and optimize yield. Our Vinduino sensor stations are proudly designed and assembled in Temecula Wine Country, California. www.vinduino.com



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