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Ionic Exchange Resins Key to Innovative DTX System for Tartaric Stabilization and pH Adjustment!


The actions of ionic exchange resins play a key role in the innovative DTX  system developed by Della Toffola USA that has revolutionized Tartaric Stabilization and pH Adjustment for winemakers around the globe.

Since 1960, Della Toffola has been a world leader in the design and implementation of technologically advanced solutions for the wine industry.

The DTX-20 system is one of the company’s latest developments to assist winemakers with their post fermentation processes that can often compromise the chemistry and sensory characteristics of the wine.

“The resin inside the machine is positively charged using sulfuric acid,” explains Emanuele Fiorentini, a Sales Representative for Della Toffola USA. “The ionic exchange traps potassium, calcium and magnesium and releases hydrogen at the same time.”

The goal, Fiorentini says, is tartaric stability of the wine/grape must in relation to potassium tartrate and other calcium salts.

The DTX system is completely automated, consisting of two stainless steel tanks filled with resin, a small centrifugal pump, flow meters, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and pH meters that are set up controlled by a touch screen.

According to Fiorentini, the wine flows gently throughout the system, facilitated by the centrifugal pump. He says the real beauty of the process is the immediate time, expense and energy savings it generates for system operators.

“You can literally set up the machine within minutes, process quickly a small amount of wine so you can analyze possible proportions needed treatment, and then push the start button, walk away and go about your daily winemaking tasks,” confirms Fiorentini. “Within a set amount of processing time or when there is a depleted charge of the resin inside one of the two onboard canisters, the system will automatically switch to the other canister.”

Fiorentini says the results have been no less than astonishing.

Mariangela Guarienti, CEO of Della Toffola USA, agrees “The aromas and fruity compounds are lifted, the color of the wine becomes more vibrant,” she says. “The mouth feel has changed; total acidity is increased, tannic interaction is improved. There is more pronounced minerality.”

Guarienti points out that the DTX system can accomplish in hours what usually takes weeks for glycol cold jacket stabilization for white wines. For red wines, she notes, eliminating the need for tartaric acid addition reduces costs.

The DTX system comes in model sizes 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 to accommodate all levels of wine production needs and Guarienti is delighted to announce that a trial DTX machine will be available in California from September, 2017.

DELLA TOFFOLA USA opened its doors in 2009 and has quickly established itself as a prominent player in the industry, providing high-quality, reliable, innovative machines as well as outstanding after sales service. Della Toffola offers a wide range of equipment solutions for the entire winemaking process from grape receiving to bottling.

Emanuele Fiorentini is a Sales Representative for DELLA TOFFOLA in the central coast as well as being the owner and operator of IPak Wine, a Mobile Service Provider of Della Toffola Crossflow Filtration and Tartaric Stabilization solutions in Southern California and Washington state.

For more information and orders, go to www.dellatoffola.us or call 707-544-5300.




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