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Five New Products from Unified’s Virtual Trade Show Floor

Every year new and innovative products are introduced at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium...

Afternoon Brief, June 20

How Nomadic Winemakers Are Fueling Creativity Through Independence: If you ask Oregon winemaker Seth Morgen Long what his plans are for his young eponymous Chardonnay-only label, hell tell you his focus is on understanding the regions vineyards ...

Flash Détente Promising Benefits for Eastern U.S. Winemaking

Thermoflash, known widely in Europe as “flash détente” or flash release, is a process of thermovinification created during the 1990’s in the south of France. This process was created to reduce the time of red grape fermentation and improve wine quality.

Ionic Exchange Resins Key to Innovative DTX System for Tartaric Stabilization...

The actions of ionic exchange resins play a key role in the innovative DTX  system developed by Della Toffola USA that has revolutionized Tartaric...

Afternoon Brief, March 7

Wine Market Council and Nielsen Explore Industry Trends: A members-only meeting held Friday by the Wine Market Council and Nielsen at Napa's Culinary Institute of America at Copia provoked a lively discussion of consumer trends in the American wine industry...

Afternoon Brief, March 6

Wine Distribution Alternatives Won't Produce Tears for the Three Tier System: According to a Wines & Vines article, in 1995 the number of alcohol distributors in the U.S. was greater than the number of wineries: 3,000 to 1,800. That kind of competitive choice must have been really good for wineries, but a lot of wine must also have been imported...

Featuring Award-Winning Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Filter

DELLA TOFFOLA (Booth #1227) will feature their award-winning CERAMIC MEMBRANE CROSSFLOW FILTER with local technicians from DELLA TOFFOLA USA on hand to share information...

Afternoon Brief, January 10

This will be a brief update, but given the widespread significant storm impacts expected later today I felt a quick post was in order…

Afternoon Brief, August 13

Research finds hormone-disrupting chemicals in 59% of wines: New research has found that 59% of tested French wines contain at least one form of phthalate, most likely as a result of plastics used in wineries...

Della Toffola Releases OMNIA Ceramic Cross-Flow Filter for U.S. Trials

Location: Windsor, CA Web: www.dellatoffola.us WIN Profile: Della Toffola USA Innovative Filtration System Maximizes Juice Recovery to more than 90% DELLA TOFFOLA’s high-solids, cross-flow filter system with ceramic...

Afternoon Brief, August 6

African-American Wines Served at White House: Wines by African-American winemakers were served at the White House this week at the US-Africa Leaders Summit dinner...
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