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Vinfluence, A Revolutionary New Online Wine Club


Vinfluence is reinventing the online wine club model by connecting members directly with the best boutique winemakers in the country while providing support to nonprofits.

vinfluenceNew York, NY – Newly launched Vinfluence is an online wine club that brings members exceptional offerings from boutique producers; the focus is on meticulously crafted, elegant, and delicious wines.  Each club shipment features a different independent winery, giving recipients the opportunity to discover a new story and explore different wine varietals and styles. But what really makes Vinfluence stand apart from other wine clubs is that their values drive everything they do, from selecting wineries with sustainable farming and production practices, to supporting carefully chosen nonprofits with a $1.00 per bottle donation.

Shannon Westfall, the founder of Vinfluence, became intrigued with wine during college but began her professional career as an investment advisor with J.P. Morgan’s Private Bank.  Her days were dominated by clients and financial markets, but her nights were consumed with studying wine.  During her very first trip to Napa in 2009, Shannon discovered the joys of visiting small, independent wineries, tasting their carefully crafted selections, and getting to know the people behind the wine. She became passionate about uncovering these hidden-gem wineries and when she realized she was more interested in advising clients on their wine collections than their retirement portfolios, she knew it was time for a change. At the beginning of 2016, Shannon, now a certified sommelier and wine educator, left her career of nearly a decade to build Vinfluence.

To Shannon,  “… wine is so much more than just a beverage — it’s the story of who made it, where it’s from, who you’re drinking it with. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing a good bottle of wine with friends. Vinfluence is just that, on a bigger scale.”


The Club Plan

Choose monthly or quarterly shipments, the membership level, and Vinfluence will take care of the rest.

How it works

  • Discover: Vinfluence searches for unique fine wine that you can’t easily find in stores, made in small batches by people who love their craft.
  • Share: Club Members receive and enjoy artisanal wines from a different winemaker each month.
  • Give Back: Together we support organizations making a difference by giving $1 for every bottle shipped to club members.

Membership Levels

  • Discovery: Three bottles per month for $100 (plus $15 shipping and tax)
  • Collector: Six bottles (two of each) per month for $200 (plus $20 shipping and tax)

Details & Benefits

  • Learn about wine and the story in your glass with a detailed booklet about the featured winery, their wines, and more.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to skip a shipment or cancel at any time.
  • Access advanced & discounted tickets for Vinfluence events held in New York and other major cities.
  • Get complimentary trip planning assistance for vacations to California, Oregon, and Washington wine country, plus free tastings (for up to four people) at partnering wineries.


Holiday season is upon us and Vinfluence memberships offer a unique gift with heart.  Gift-givers can select the number of shipments they want to purchase, whether it’s one month or 12. In addition to the regular benefits of a club membership, recipients receive a personal note and a pair of Govino wine glasses. As always, $1 from each bottle shipped benefits a nonprofit; essentially, it’s two gifts in one. Vinfluence also makes a great present throughout the year, whether for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Pricing is the same as a club membership: A 3-bottle shipment is $100 plus $15 for shipping, and a 6-bottle shipment is $200 plus $20 shipping.

About the Wines

Vinfluence focuses on small production selections that are rarely available outside of the vintner’s own tasting room. The winemakers’ hands-on approach to every stage of the vinification process and the careful attention to detail comes through in every bottle. Shannon personally explores the country’s wine regions in search of wineries that excite both her palate and her heart. Each shipment features a single family-owned winery, allowing customers to dive deeply into that winemaker’s offerings and philosophy.

Nonprofit Partners

Vinfluence is committed to giving back to our global community through the joy of wine and champions three causes, each represented by organizations that have proven to make a difference:

Youth Education: Fiver Children’s Foundation – $1.00 provides a child with one hour of character building or environmental education programming at Camp Fiver.
“The Fiver Children’s Foundation is incredibly proud to partner with such an innovative and socially conscious company, Vinfluence.  Founder Shannon Westfall epitomizes the Fiver values of courage, creativity and compassion and is a role model for the young people we serve!”  – Christie Ko, Executive Director

To learn more about Fiver Children’s Foundation, visit fiver.org.

Replanting Our Forests: Sustainable Harvest International – $1.00 supports the planting and maintenance of one tree.
“We’re proud to help Vinfluence pair passion for wine with healthy farming techniques. It’s really exciting to see a company providing customers a chance to give back to the people and places we depend on.” – Renée Johnson, Executive Director, Sustainable Harvest International

To learn more about Sustainable Harvest International, visit sustainableharvest.org.

Fighting Hunger & Food Waste: City Harvest – $1.00 helps feed a family of four for a day.

To learn more about City Harvest, visit cityharvest.org.

About Vinfluence

Vinfluence is a wine club dedicated to helping you discover the best artisanal wines in the country, while contributing to a nonprofit with every bottle. They believe great wine is made in small lots by passionate people, and that it is their responsibility to both be good stewards of the environment and to help others in our communities and around the world. Their values are expressed holistically, from the wineries they partner with to the nonprofits they support.

Facebook:  @vinfluence.wine
Instagram: @vinfluence
Twitter: @vinfluencewine
Pinterest: @vinfluence

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