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California Celebrity Vineyards: From Napa to Los Olivos in Search of Great Wine


Exclusive interviews and more than 250 color photographs take you inside the vineyards of Francis Ford Coppola, Kurt Russell, Yao Ming, Mario Andretti, Mike Ditka, Jack Nicklaus, The Disney family, and more.

California Celebrity VineyardsIn CALIFORNIA CELEBRITY VINEYARDS (The Overlook Press · Publication Date: June 15, 2016 · $35.00 · ISBN: 978-1 -4683-1297-3), renowned wine expert Nick Wise hones in on the land of abundance, creativity, and superstars, taking readers behind the tasting rooms of the rich and famous to show how some of the state’s most spectacular wines are created.

Over the course of two years, Nick Wise and editor Linda Sunshine visited and interviewed athletes, actors, and artists who have turned to the art of winemaking, compiling the details of their travels in one loving and often humorous volume, the successor to their acclaimed Celebrity Vineyards. With a cover designed by Milton Glaser and featuring more than 250 color photographs of the vineyards they visited and the celebrities behind them, this book is both a beautiful display item and a comprehensive guide to the world of California wine.

Written for fans of wine, travel, and celebrity, this book is a fascinating journey behind the scenes of a world that, for most of us, is only a dream. CALIFORNIA CELEBRITY VINEYARDS will delight, charm, and educate your palate, deepening your knowledge of winemaking—and of the celebrities who love it too. More info can be found at www.wiseonwine.com.

Wise offers a personal look inside the vineyards owned by celebrities, including:

  • Director Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola’s vineyard is perfectly stylized, much like one of his movie sets, featuring a castlelike estate boasting towers, plush, blood red carpeting, and a grand staircase, leading to a museum and gift shop dedicated to all things Coppola. Both film fans and wine connoisseurs are at home here, as the vineyard produces some of the region’s best-known
  • Basketball sensation Yao Ming. The 7’ 6” former NBA star opened Yao Family Wines in 2011 at the end of his athletic career. While he first learned about wine from drinking Bordeaux with his father, it was Yao’s appetite for red meat—that truly fueled his passion  for fine wines. Bottles of Ming’s wine can cost as much as $650 bottles and completely sell out in China.
  • Legendary football coach Mike Ditka. Mike Ditka Wines opened to provide wines for Ditka’s landmark restaurants, where the demand for his personal blends has been so high that the restaurants have been unable to keep the label in stock ever since a rebranding effort launched in 2012.

About the Authors

Nick WiseNick Wise was born in New York City. He has a High Certificate in wine studies and has worked in the fine wine departments of various leading English wine merchants, selling to private clients. He travels to wine regions around the world, consults and writes full-time about his first love—wine. Nick can be found at www.wiseonwine.com.

Linda Sunshine is the author of more than 50 books, including How NOT to Turn Into Your Mother, She’s Just THAT Into You, Women Who Date Too Much, All Things Alice, All Things Oz, The Family Dinner, The Family Dog, The Illustrated Woody Allen Reader, and The New York Times bestseller, Plain Jane Works Out. She has written extensively about Hollywood and the making of feature films. She lives in Los Angeles.

Nick Wise and Linda Sunshine
Flexibound Ÿ $35.00 Ÿ 288 Pages Ÿ Trim Size: 7” x 9” Ÿ
ISBN: 978-1 -4683-1297-3 Ÿ Wine/Travel Ÿ 255 color images
Publication Date: June 15, 2016

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