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Mavrik’s Newest Alcohol Reduction Hub at The Ranch Winery in St. Helena is Sixth West Coast Hub


Mavrik North AmericaSanta Rosa, CA (July 13, 2015). Mavrik North America has teamed with The Ranch Winery to open its sixth alcohol reduction hub on the west coast. Existing locations include San Luis Obispo, Lodi, Santa Rosa, Napa, and Hopland, with additional locations pending TTB approval.

“The Ranch Winery, with over 6 million gallons of capacity, and a great track record of efficient, high-level winemaking for a variety of clients, made an ideal location for Mavrik’s latest Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) for alcohol reduction”, said Mariana Brown, Mavrik’s Winemaker and Director of Operations.

Mavrik’s third generation alcohol reduction technology differs greatly from spinning cone and reverse osmosis predecessors. Developed by Mavrik’s R&D team, the process utilizes a proprietary membrane that removes only alcohol and nothing else. It operates merely by contact, using pumps only to gently move cellar temperature wine through the system at a nominal 10psi.

  • The result is an enologically and economically advantageous process:
  • no heat, no pressure, no vacuum
  • 40-60% lower processing losses
  • faster processing times
  • dramatically lower costs

The need for more, and larger, locations for Mavrik alcohol reduction, such as The Ranch Winery, have developed in recent years due to expanded demand. High end wineries, like Napa’s cult cabs, supported Mavrik’s dealc process when it was introduced 7 years ago based on wine quality. But economies of scale have progressed such that today, Mavrik’s dealc service is equally utilized by large wineries seeking dramatic cost savings.

ABOUT MAVRIK Founded in 2006, Mavrik is a family-owned and operated company, based in Santa Rosa, CA.

Mavrik’s research & development efforts have led to original technologies and equipment for purchase and as a service, some of which are patent pending:

  • Alcohol reduction
  • Volatile acidity and ethyl acetate removal
  • Pyrazine removal • 4ep/4eg removal
  • Smoke taint removal • Tartrate stability
  • Sulfide removal
  • Sulfite removal
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