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Expert Public Speaker Back to Coach in Wine Country

Lynda Spillane
Lynda Spillane

Napa, CA — March 3, 2015 – WISE Academy presents Mastering Public Speaking with course instructor Lynda Spillane in Napa on Monday, April 20 & 21; this course is part of the Leadership Series at WISE Academy, which focuses on building direct-to-consumer and leadership development in sales, marketing and management within the wine industry. In this two-day interactive workshop, the focus is on public speaking AND leadership communication skills using a variety of formats. Attendees will be able to enhance and practice skills with maximum interaction between participants and instructor.

Course instructor Lynda Spillane, President and CEO of The Persuasive Word, has over 30 years of academic study and teaching in the fields of psychology, theater, rhetoric, oratory, public performance, persuasive communication and leadership. She has worked with over 10,000 executives and politicians worldwide on communications skills, including CEOS, presidents of organizations, and prominent politicians including two British Prime Ministers and King Abdullah II of Jordan. Spillane is also a popular keynote speaker at conventions for the Entrepreneurs Organization, the Young Presidents’ Organization and others.

Attendees of this popular class have been winemakers, CEOs, Presidents, and sales professionals within the wine industry.  “I have personally taken this workshop with Lynda multiple times and can’t wait to take it again,” shares Lesley Berglund Chairman of the WISE Academy. “It is amazing to see how in just two days she transforms business executives who are not confident speakers into ones that are comfortable and at ease. Even more impressive is to witness her transform good or great speakers into phenomenal ones. Not matter if you are speaking to your distributors, your customers or your employees – mastering the art of public speaking is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself.” See attendee testimonials at: http://www.wineindustrysaleseducation.com/index.php?page=WISE-220

The cost of the course is $1,750. Participants can register at www.wineindustrysalesacademy.com through April 15, 2015 or call for invoicing: (877) 740-WISE (9473).

About WISE Academy

WISE Academy (Wine Industry Sales Education) offers a comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for wine industry professionals. Built from a belief that direct- to-consumer (DTC) results are the key to success in the wine industry, WISE offers the only wine industry education, training and certification program dedicated to DTC sales and marketing. All WISE classes and on-site coaching workshops enhance the expertise of DTC sales and marketing professionals while igniting their passion for producing the kinds of measurable results that lead to winery success.

Our courses and workshops are available in three different levels to meet the needs of everyone in the wine industry – from new industry enthusiasts to seasoned direct sales managers to winery CEOs.

Founded in 2008, the WISE Academy is led by Chairman Lesley P. Berglund, a wine industry DTC pioneer and serial entrepreneur.  Complete course catalogue and services descriptions are available online at www.WineIndustrySalesEducation.com, or for more information, call (877) 740-WISE (9473).

For more information please contact Lesley P. Berglund, Co-Founder and Chairman, WISE Academy, 707-246-6827.



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