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Afternoon Brief, May 25th

Drinking Preferences: The Decline of Wine: New data shows a paradox in the U.S. wine industry last year with more regular wine drinkers, but consuming in falling volumes...

Audience Outreach: Finding Ways to Connect with Undervalued Consumers

Wine Industry Sales Symposium tackles the generational divide and post-pandemic hesitancy By Alexandra Russell The recent Wine Industry Sales Symposium (May 11, 2023), included a full...

Wine Industry Sales Symposium Recap

The wine marketplace continues its post-pandemic shifts.  By Laurie Wachter The August 24 Wine Industry Sales Symposium consisted of four sessions covering the value of DTC...

State of 2021: A Compass to Grow Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Please join Community Benchmark, WISE Academy, and Wineshipping for a data driven and lively conversation on how wineries are succeeding in the current economic...

Afternoon Brief, August 18

Fire Threatens Napa Vineyards: Growers and producers are on the alert in California's wine country as fire rears its head again...

Coronavirus Pandemic Sparks Creative Community Survival Plan at WISE

August 18, 2020 | Napa, CA – WISE, the wine industry leader in direct-to-consumer (DTC) and executive coaching based in the Napa Valley, has...

Wine Industry Survey: To Tip or Not to Tip?

In today’s extremely tight labor market, we can’t afford to lose great employees and promising candidates because of process changes that might be difficult,...

Afternoon Brief, May 9

US Wine, Beer, Spirits Consumption 'in a Holding Pattern' as Public Leans Toward Less Alcohol: As such consumption appears to be slowing while sales are growing for certain drinks competing with traditional table wine, the upper end of the industry is increasingly embracing mechanization and other technology once eschewed ...

2019 DTC Wine Symposium Sponsors to Preview New Products & Services

Napa, CA, January 9, 2019 – The trade show at the 2019 Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium will feature an array of new products...

Ask WISE Academy How to Grow Your DTC Business

Are you interested in growing your DTC Business? As DTC experts in the wine industry, WISE is here to offer you information on classes...

5 Tips for Designing Effective Incentive Compensation Programs

By WISE Academy Often we are asked about tasting room staff incentives for wineries and best practices for a program. An Incentive Compensation Program (ICP)...

Afternoon Brief, September 2

Vintage Wine Estates Buys Napa's Swanson Vineyards: Vintage Wine Estates has continued a recent winery-buying spree, announcing its purchase of Napa Valley's Swanson Vineyards, a pioneer in California Merlot, this morning...

The Value of a Wine Education

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone “Wine education won’t necessarily sell wine, but it gives you a reference to sell wine.” So says Rick Toyota, the Director of...

Expert Public Speaker Back to Coach in Wine Country

Napa, CA — March 3, 2015 – WISE Academy presents Mastering Public Speaking with course instructor Lynda Spillane in Napa on Monday, April 20...

Afternoon Brief, February 18

A team of researchers from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Spain's Forest Research Center have proposed that certain wine flavors can be imparted by a special yeast, potentially saving winemakers barrels of money in savings...
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