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Monvera Glass Décor Offers Cutting Edge Printing to Underscore Brands for Premium and Value Wines


Bledsoe WineIt’s been oft repeated that consumers make wine decisions based on visual appeal vs. liquid product.

Apparently, wine labels themselves are largely more influential than even taste when it comes to purchasing, especially when the choice involves a new or otherwise unfamiliar wine.

Caitriona Anderson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Monvera Glass Décor, puts it like this.

“The first sale is the label. The second is the product inside.”

Monvera Glass Décor has been perfecting that important first impression for companies and clients since 2007 through the innovative process of applied ceramic labeling (ACL) or screen printing; the art of paperless bottle design, where the label is baked onto the surface of the glass and cannot be scratched, soaked or rubbed off.

Design options with ACL range from elegant to outrageous, but one thing is certain; screen printing makes a bottle stand out like nothing else can.

“When people make the decision to screen print, it’s a branding and marketing decision,” continues Anderson. “If you go to buy a bottle of wine based on a recommendation, people often can’t remember the name, but they can always recall the label.”

Anderson says there’s a common misconception that screen printing is too expensive a practice for some brands, but that nothing could be further from the truth.

“For premium wines, it underscores that this is an exceptional product. It reinforces the prestige of the brand and supports the retail price point. For moderately priced wines, between $12 -$25, screen printing helps convey the message that you’re receiving a lot of value for your money.”

The benefits of screen printing over paper labels are most apparent when it comes to design flexibility.

“With paper labels, you’re confined to a square piece of paper,” Anderson points out. “With screen printing, you can tell the story of your brand all over the bottle, like having the arms of an octopus wrap around the entire bottle or a map of your vineyard printed across the back.”

Monvera Glass Décor’s screen printing techniques also encompass shoulder printing and neck printing. These unique methods enable customers to create a completely unique design for their product and in some cases even drop the foil capsule altogether.

“We use a lot more of the surface or bottle real estate,” affirms Anderson.

In 2015, Monvera Glass Décor will further expand its design options for clients by offering UV screen printing techniques in addition to ACL. The UV technique allows for an even wider range of design colors and patterns, including 4-color process.  The UV inks tend to be brighter and more vivid for those seeking a more powerful statement.

Monvera Glass DecorTo refresh your current image or create a new one, contact Monvera Glass Décor at [email protected].

Location: Richmond, CA
Web: http://www.monvera.com
WIN Profile: Monvera Glass Décor

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