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New Science of Food Series Launches at the Exploratorium


Pairings Debuts on Thursday, November 13

Clay Reynolds and Loretta Keller of SeaGlass Restaurant
General Manager Clay Reynolds and Chef Loretta Keller of the SeaGlass Restaurant. Photo Credit: Gayle Laird © Exploratorium, All rights reserved

The Exploratorium is launching a new monthly program that combines science and food, bringing together chefs, nutritionists, scientists, vintners, farmers and other experts for conversations that’ll inspire your inquisitive palate.

Called Pairings: Cultivating a Taste for Science Through Food, the series stirs together two worlds to create a pleasing complexity.

“Food is fundamental to comfort and science is fundamental to understanding the world,” said Melissa Alexander, director of public programs at the Exploratorium. “Both are products of human curiosity and experimentation. When we combine them, they nourish our intellect and our spirit.”

Pairings launches on Thursday, November 13 at 7:30 p.m. with “The Dirt on Dirt,” a deep dive into how the soil we walk on plays a role in the food we eat.

Opening the night of delectable presentations is Exploratorium staffer and resident gastronomist Paul Stepahin, who’ll give the lowdown on why you can’t just eat dirt. Then, join SeaGlass Restaurant General Manager Clay Reynolds for the truth about terroir, the concept behind how soil, climate and growing conditions affect the flavor and aroma of wine.

Continue the conversation with a microbiology lesson by Torey Arvik, director of applied and research science at SonomaCeuticals/ WholeVine, learning about the minerals and micronutrients found in the by-products of wine making. Delicious bites by Chef Loretta Keller of the SeaGlass Restaurant will be served throughout the evening.

The event is expected to run between 60 and 90 minutes and will be held at SeaGlass Restaurant in the Exploratorium at Pier 15. Free with adults-only evening admission to the Exploratorium ($15, ages 18 and up). Upcoming Pairings programs follow on December 11, 2014 and on January 8, 2015.

About the Exploratorium
The Exploratorium is the global leader in informal learning, igniting curiosity and inspiring creativity in people of all ages. The world-renowned science museum creates original, interactive exhibits, on display at more than 1,000 science centers, museums and public spaces around the world. Dedicated to education reform in and out of the classroom, the Exploratorium is a premier professional development center for educators and a creator of award-winning educational resources. Since 1969, the Exploratorium has influenced generations of entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, teachers, students, children, museum professionals and everyday doers, reaching nearly 180 million people annually from around the globe. For more information, visit www.exploratorium.edu.

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