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New book teaches growers tips on frost protection


Steve Hammersmith’s presents training manual for farmers on avoiding cold weather damage

Cold Air AccumulationCOLTON, Calif. – Author Steve Hammersmith combines 20 years of battling severe frost on his family’s farm and his research on frost and cold air accumulation to supply a resource to other farmers. Hammersmith’s experience includes studying and apprenticing under Dr. Rafael Guarga, president of the University of Urugay. The two collaborated on a new frost protection method of controlling cold air flows and draining cold air masses. He is currently president and CEO of Shur Farms Frost Protection, a company specializing in managing cold air flows in vineyards and orchards worldwide. His new book, “Cold Air Accumulation and the Grower’s Guide to Frost Protection” (published by WestBow Press), discusses the causes of frost and methods growers can use to protect their yield.

This comprehensive training manual utilizes site selection analysis and microclimate mapping to determine the specific causes of frost damage. It builds upon this information with advice on mitigating the negative effects of frost.

“Simple, effective and innovative solutions to frost damage can transform societies and living conditions,” Hammersmith says. “An understanding of the forces that cause frost damage and an understanding of the ways those forces can be mitigated naturally or with very little energy input is critical to protect the environment and for sustainability.”

“Cold Air Accumulation and the Grower’s Guide to Frost Protection”
By Steve Hammersmith
Softcover | 8.5 x 11 in | 88 pages | ISBN 9781490849270
E-Book | 88 pages | ISBN 9781490849287
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Steve Hammersmith served for more than a decade as a hydraulic systems designer and regional manager for Motion Industries and then for another nine years as president and chief hydraulics designer for RPT Industrial Technologies. He has devoted much of his spare time to introducing underprivileged children to outdoor sports such as fishing and hunting through a nonprofit organization called the Annual Wild Game Feed. He now lives in Crestline, California, and enjoys weekends at the lake with his daughters. His articles and research in frost protection are regularly published in trade journals throughout the world.



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