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Geoffrey Whynot Named President of Mazzei


Geoffrey WhynotBAKERSFIELD, Calif. (July 15, 2014) —Mazzei Injector Company, LLC, the largest manufacturer of high efficiency Venturi injectors, is pleased to announce the promotion of Geoffrey Whynot to the position of President.  Since joining Mazzei in 2010, Geoff has been an integral part of the company.  Originally hired to the position of Chief Financial Officer, in 2012 Geoff’s title and duties expanded to include that of Chief Operating Officer.

Angelo Mazzei, Chairman/CEO and founder of the company, noted that in addition to his financial expertise, from day one Geoff threw himself into learning the operation and the technical applications of the company.  In addition, he showed exceptional leadership and the ability and desire to develop the people that make up the great Mazzei team.  “With Geoff at the helm, Mazzei has strong management in each of our departments,” Mazzei said. “Throughout the company the right people are in the right positions, and each exemplifies our mission – a business dedicated to conducting business with honesty, integrity and responsiveness in the development and application of innovative science-based technologies to make more efficient use of the world’s water resources.  Mazzei Injector Company is poised for growth and looking forward to a promising future.”

About Mazzei

Founded in 1978, the Mazzei Injector Company, LLC is headquartered in Bakersfield, California.  Known worldwide for its water related mixing and contacting technologies, the company manufactures patented products and processes including high performance Venturi injectors for agricultural, municipal and industrial water and wastewater, pool/spa and wine industries.  The company also provides complete systems with design and engineering expertise for the various industries.  For more information, visit www.mazzei.net or contact the company at (661) 363-6500.

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