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Vincoeurs 2014: Oenobrands wins innovation prize


oenobrandsOn 24 June, Oenobrands was awarded the 2014 ‘Vincoeurs’ innovation prize at the ‘Vincoeurs en Hérault’ event in Montpellier, the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, France’s largest wine-producing area.

The annual ‘Vincoeurs en Hérault’ event celebrates the tremendous diversity of winegrowing in the department of Hérault by awarding exemplary players in the wine industry. The awards cover categories ranging from wine tourism to audacity and innovation and environmental and social responsibility. This was the fourth year of the event, which was hosted by the French actor Pierre Arditi, a great wine lover. From the 39 nominations, 8 prizewinners were selected, with the awards presented by André Vézinhet, president of the department of Hérault.

For the second year running, Oenobrands was awarded the ‘Innovation’ prize for marketing creativity for its In-Line Ready® direct yeast-inoculation technology. This pioneering dual technology (wine yeast plus mixer) eliminates the need for yeast rehydration before inoculation, making the process faster, simpler and more reliable, while ensuring aspects critical for wine quality, such as a short lag phase, initial viability, the rapid establishment of yeast and continuous fermentation kinetics. In-Line Ready was used for the 2013 harvests in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and New Zealand.

Oenobrands is proud to announce that the innovation of this revolutionary dual technology developed in partnership with Silverson & INRA Pech Rouge was rewarded by the 2014 ‘Vincœurs en Hérault’ jury.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit www.oenobrands.com.

This is another ADVANCED WINEMAKING SOLUTION brought to you by OENOBRANDS.

About Oenobrands: Oenobrands innovates oenological products for today and tomorrow. Its constant search for integral solutions allows it to create products that meet the demands of winemakers, merchants and consumers alike. In a growing but fast -changing sector, Oenobrands, supported by its international parent companies (DSM Food Specialties and Anchor BioTec hnologies), develops a range of oenological products including enzymes, yeasts, yeast-derived products and bacteria. With its highly qualified, multidisciplinary team, Oenobrands offers winemakers unique, targeted solutions that work in synergy. Oenobrands sells brands including Anchor®, Fermicru®, Fermivin®, Fermichamp®, Extraferm®, Maxaferm®, Claristar® and Rapidase® across five continents through a professional distribution netwo rk. Find out more about Oenobrands, our solutions, our innovations and our brands on our website, www.oenobrands.com, or on Facebook.

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