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New Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System Launches at Drinktec


Analox Sensor TechnologyAnalox Sensor Technology will launch the Ax60 – its new versatile carbon dioxide monitoring solution for the beverage and hospitality industries – at Drinktec 2013.

The Ax60 carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring system has been designed to meet the needs of both the hospitality industry where CO2 is used in drinks dispensing and the brewing industry where CO2 is a bi-product of the fermentation process. Following in depth consultation with industry representatives, Analox Sensor Technoloy developed the Ax60 which incorporates a centralised command centre and between one and four sensors, which can be used up to 50 metres apart.

Simon Lunt, Sales Manager for Analox Sensor Technology, commented: “This monitoring system gives both hospitality venues and brewers the confidence that they can protect their staff and customers should there be a build-up or leak of carbon dioxide.  Drinktec is the ideal event to launch this product as it brings together industry representatives from around the world.

“We’ve worked for many years with the Beverage and Hospitality industries to raise awareness of the danger carbon dioxide can pose, and to ensure we are supplying the detection products to meet the industries’ needs.  The new Ax60 is a versatile system.  It can be tailored to meet the client’s specific needs and safety requirements, and can be expanded if there is a need for more areas to be monitored.”

The versatility of the Ax60 means it can be customised to any building configuration.  Features of the Ax60 CO2 monitoring system include a high decibel alarm and a visual alarm, as well as a digital display which shows the current CO2 levels.  It also has a five year sensor warranty.  The sensor itself is easy to install, and has a low maintenance requirement in the five year period.  The product is tamper resistant and Fire Marshal and OSHA compliant.  Furthermore, if local regulations specify the monitoring of the time-weighted average of CO2 levels, the Ax60 can offer this functionality.  By ensuring early detection of a leak of CO2, the Ax60 also helps in reducing the costs and downtime associated with a leak or gas build up.

Ax60 CO2 Monitor
The new Ax60 versatile carbon dioxide monitoring solution designed for the hospitality and beverage industries.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the new Ax60 carbon dioxide monitoring system for Hospitality venues and Breweries, can visit Analox Sensor Technology on stand A1 – 512 at Drinktec in Munich from Monday 16th to Friday 20th September, 2013.  Anyone wishing to make an appointment in advance of the event should email [email protected].

Analox Sensor Technology can be found with other British companies on the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry Suppliers Association (BFBI) stand.  As well as launching the Ax60, Analox will be demonstrating its range of products including the Ax50 fixed CO2 alarm and the O2NE oxygen (O2) depletion monitor, which is now available with a 10 year sensor.  They will also have their two portable gas detectors which are widely used in the hospitality sector; the Aspida portable CO2 alarm and the QPD O2, the compact and robust alarm which protects from both O2 deficiency and enrichment.

Analox Sensor Technology Ltd is based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, and specialises in the design and manufacture of gas analysers for military and commercial use.

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