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Ranch Systems Introduces Portable Weather Station


Ranch SystemsSuitable for micro-climate assessment and other transitory applications

August 25, 2013, Novato, CA – Ranch Systems, a leading provider of monitoring and control solutions for growers, is now shipping its Portable Weather Station (PWS) worldwide. The PWS typically costs under $3,000 US and can be configured for a wide range of applications where weather and/or soil data is needed for a limited time and at different locations, including: assessing sites for vineyards and solar farms, fire weather, environmental monitoring, hay harvesting and non-permanent crops such as wheat and corn.

The Ranch Systems PWS is a complete, ready-to-use portable weather/sensor station. It consists of a cellular telemetry unit and up to 9 sensors, pre-integrated and tested as complete system. It consists of two parts: a mounting tripod and sensor/node assembly. The sensor/node assembly simply slides into the tripod and is secured by tightening bolts on the tripod. It is activated by plugging in the solar panel cable: the node then automatically begins sending data over the cellular network to the web-based RanchMaster application residing on a secure, remote server. The data then can be accessed anytime, anywhere with a cell phone, tablet or computer. The PWS is designed to quickly disassemble into its two components for easy, safe transport in the cab of a truck.

“The Ranch Systems” Portable Weather Station enabled me to not only bale my hay at the optimal time, but also get more sleep.” summarizes Gary Derry, owner of Derry Hay in Malin, Oregon. “Using temperature, humidity, and moisture data from the PWS, the RanchMaster software wakes me up with a text message as well collects micro-climate weather data to help plan my harvesting. No more waiting in the field or worse, arriving too late. And by getting the moisture content of the hay just right, I’m able to improve the quality of my harvest and command a higher price for it. I am impressed with the caliber and capability of the PWS as well as the support I’ve received from Ranch Systems.”

Portable Weather Station

Ranch Systems is a fast-growing, technology company focused on wireless solutions for field monitoring and control in agricultural and environmental applications. Its patented technology is unique in terms of its modularity and the breadth of solutions possible: from a single weather station to sophisticated meshed networks monitoring and controlling the entire growing and irrigation operation, including options like remote camera surveillance and property access control. Ranch Systems is an established leader in the California market and is currently expanding world-wide. For more information, contact Mike Bauer at 415-827-7880 or visit www.ranchsystems.com.

Contact: Mike Bauer
Ranch Systems LLC
Tel: 415-827-7880
E-mail: [email protected]

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