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Managing the Impact of Climate Change

Managing the Impact of Climate Change: While the full impact of climate change on the wine industry remains to be seen, we are already beginning to see the initial effects of it. This year’s 8th annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo (WIN Expo) offers some insight and practical applications in the late-morning session: Managing the Impact of Climate Change; The Evolution of Vineyard & Winemaking Practices session.

What Part of Reality Are You Missing? Augmenting Smart Packaging

What Part of Reality Are You Missing? Augmenting Smart Packaging - What are customers looking for in wine packaging that most wineries are ignoring or missing at this point? Simply put, it’s the story. Says Peter Oberdorfer, founder and President of Tactic ...

Automated Wine Marketing Has Potential to Boost Company Revenues by as...

If someone told you that you could increase your business by a whopping 50 percent through an affordable technology using the principles of preference based marketing, would you be willing to give it a shot?

Creating a People-Centric Wine Business

Creating a People-Centric Wine Business - “The future isn't about technology”, says Geoff Ables, managing partner at C5 Insight. “It's about people - and it's about how technology will aid businesses in delivering better experiences to customers and ...

Study Confirms That Dry Steam Vapor Provides Superior Sanitation to Wineries...

Steamericas, Inc., the first U.S. subsidiary of SJE Corporation, an industrial steamer manufacturer out of Busan, South Korea, is a leading supplier of the...

Adoption of Innovative Winemaking Method Continues Advancement of Catoctin Breeze Wines

Catoctin Breeze Vineyard is settled in the hills along Route 15 in western Maryland, a few miles north of Frederick and in the vicinity of Camp David.

Upcoming Seminar Highlights Legal Challenges Facing Wine Industry in 2020

“If all of the brokers and analysts are correct, we’re heading into another tough cycle for our wine industry,” predicts George Christie, President and CEO of the Healdsburg, CA based Wine Industry Network (WIN). “Tough times affect everyone. But the ones that remain the most unscathed are those trying to stay ahead of the issues and become as educated as possible.”

Recruiting Top Wine Industry Talent in a Competitive Job Market

As the economy continues to thrive and the unemployment rates decline, it's become increasingly difficult for employers to attract quality candidates. The 2018 unemployment rate...

Arming the Wine Industry for the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Challenges are looming for the wine industry on multiple fronts; overall growth is flattening, new generations have a different relationship to alcohol, climate change and wildfires complicate winemaking, while the labor market affected by immigration and cannabis is becoming increasingly competitive.

Saini Farms: Where Family Roots Run Deep

Third generation grape grower, John Saini and his sons, Brian and Mike, of Saini Farms, wear their farming hearts humbly on their sleeves. There’s little doubt they spend their lives tending to 300 acres of land that has been a precious part of the family, going back to 1917...

Wineries Share Their Point-of-Sale System Priorities and Experiences

Point-of-Sale systems in wineries seem to be a love-hate relationship…many times the hate overcoming the love as the frustrations of adapting to changing and challenging environments puts a strain on winery personnel and the electronic retail and data system that supports their efforts.

GrapeConnect Now ‘a Real Force in the Industry’ for Grape, Bulk...

It was just three years ago that Justin Charbonneau first realized the need for a service that would give buyers and sellers of bulk...

Intersection of Key Findings from Two Major DTC Reports

For wineries seeking answers and comparisons, there are two major reports available which can give insights into sales and marketing trends and tactics. Released in May 2019, VinterActive’s VinQuest Report is based on a survey of wineries returning a total of 110 surveys from across the nation (although a preponderance came from CA).

Groundbreaking Technology Changes the Face of Winemaking in Time for 2019...

Single Use Liner Reduces Use of Water, Sulfites. Eliminates the press. The GOfermentor is used by many commercial wineries all over the world. One of the interesting...

High Notes of the Wine and Weed Symposium

Last week’s Third Annual Wine and Weed Symposium attracted a huge group of wine and cannabis professionals to the Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country in Santa Rosa to learn about emerging trends in consumer behavior, the impact on wine sales in states where recreational cannabis is legal, and how alcohol beverage companies can and do invest in cannabis. The continuing enthusiasm for this new frontier, this brazen opportunity, and the vast cross-marketing potential with the wine had attendees leaving on a high note.
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