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Wine Industry Advisor’s Top Articles of 2023: Viticulture and Winemaking


In 2023, Wine Industry Advisor continued its mission to provide you — our broad audience of professionals and enthusiasts — the latest, most important information about key topics facing our industry. 

As this year comes to a close, we’ve taken a look back on 2023’s most-read articles. Topics span the spectrum, from technological advances and modern marketing to government regulations, viticultural developments, winemaking concerns and even a few journalist profiles. It’s a fair reflection of both the breadth of information WIA strives to deliver, as well as the curiosity and informational savvy of our readers.

Wine Industry Advisor would like to thank its dedicated readership for another year of enthusiasm and support. We look forward to boosting our editorial effort even more in 2024. Happy holidays and Happy New Year from our WIA family to yours. —Alexandra Russell, WIA Managing Editor


Viticulture and Winemaking

As an industry, wine is continually evolving. Vineyard practices adapt to changing climates, winemakers never stop learning or trying to advance their craft. WIA kept pace with new developments as they emerged.

Winemakers Take a Walk on the Wild Side (With Yeast)

Harvesting Innovation: Putting AI to Work in the Vineyard

Secrets for Growing Better Grapes in Coastal Climates

Optimizing Irrigation: Using Tech to Improve Decision Making

Other Top Stories

Changing Demographics

As the generational shift continues to define wine consumerism, WIA addressed the need to connect with new consumers in a variety of ways. In many cases, reaching these younger drinkers will require a change in established industry thinking. 

An Uncertain Economic Vintage: Wineries Navigate Consumer Demand Challenges Amid Recession Concerns – Wine Industry Advisor

Beyond the Numbers: Building a Successful Wine Influencer Collaboration

Digital Friction in the Wine Industry: Meeting Modern Consumer Expectations

Reels and Algorithms: Marketing Goes High Tech – Wine Industry Advisor

Wine Clubs vs. Subscriptions: Which is Better?


Personality Types

From the popular Turning the Tables series and the newly debuted Wine Industry Champions articles to remembrances and homages, WIA also seeks to introduce readers to the people who keep the industry interesting. 

Turning the Tables on Martin Redmond – Wine Industry Advisor

Terroir Is Truth: The Timeless Tutelage of Tchelistcheff (OpEd) – Wine Industry Advisor

Turning the Tables on Natalie MacLean – Wine Industry Advisor

Turning the Tables on Carl Giavanti – Wine Industry Advisor

Wine Industry Champion: Kim Stemler Makes Monterey Wine Shine


Regulations and Compliance

From water and recycling to labeling and insurance, the wine industry faced myriad regulatory challenges in 2023. WIA sought to keep readers abreast of the changing landscape and offer hope and solutions as available.

Winery Wastewater Worries: Adapting to New Compliance Realities – Wine Industry Advisor

The California Bottle Bill: 9 Important Takeaways (UPDATED) – Wine Industry Advisor

Uncovered: The Harsh Reality of California Winery Insurance in 2023 – Wine Industry Advisor

From the Farm to Capitol Hill: Promoting Regenerative Organic Agriculture at an Industry Level

Ingredient Labels Are Coming to the Wine Industry. Here’s What You Need to Know.


Expert Editorials

WIA offers its readers a chance to weigh in on topics they feel passionate about through its Expert Editorials. Here are the top 5 contributed columns for 2023. (If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact arussell@wineindustryadvisor.com)

Expert Editorial: Unraveling the Wastewater Puzzle – Wine Industry Advisor

Expert Editorial: Navigating the Nuances of Sustainability in the Wine Industry

Expert Editorial: Six Tips for Raising Capital for Your Wine, Spirits or Beer Brand

Expert Editorial: Tailored Wine Styles Can Boost Marketing ROI

Expert Editorial: Crafting a Fire-Resilient Wine Estate


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