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The Prosecco DOC Consortium Announces Strategic Partnerships with Wine.com, Eataly in the US and Cru Luv Selections for National Prosecco Week 2023


The Consortium Consolidates Collaborations with Key Industry Players To Amplify the Awareness and Education of Prosecco DOC in the US Market

New York, June 15th, 2023 – The Prosecco DOC Consortium is thrilled to announce its strategic partnerships with prominent retail and media entities for the highly anticipated 6th edition of National Prosecco Week 2023. 

The week-long celebration, scheduled for July 17th through July 23rd 2023, aims to enhance the presence of Prosecco DOC in the United States market through a series of educational and promotional events.

National Prosecco Week has joined forces with national e-commerce platform Wine.com and Eataly in the US – premier Italian food destination with restaurants and a marketplace – to ignite consumer awareness. These collaborations focus on elevating the consumer experience, showcasing the versatility of Prosecco DOC, and promoting its rich heritage and distinctive characteristics.

The collaboration with leading national e-commerce platform Wine.com entails an extensive array of promotional activities that will bring Prosecco DOC across the nation. These include a dedicated Prosecco DOC landing page, interactive homepage banners, targeted newsletter and social media promotion, as well as the inclusion of inserts in each wine box shipment all across the United States. These inserts will offer a compelling 10% discount on Prosecco DOC purchases made through Wine.com, encouraging consumers to explore the remarkable range of Prosecco DOC offerings, through the end of National Prosecco Week.

The partnership with Eataly in the US will encompass various engaging initiatives to captivate customers and showcase the excellence of Prosecco DOC. To create a truly immersive experience, National Prosecco Week banners and posters will be prominently displayed in all eight Eataly US stores, including locations in New York (2), Boston, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Chicago. These eye-catching visuals will serve as a vibrant reminder of the festivities, enticing visitors to explore the world of Prosecco DOC.

Furthermore, National Prosecco Week will be proudly featured on the menus of Eataly’s restaurants across the nation. This integration will highlight the special connection between Prosecco DOC and Italian cuisine, inviting customers to indulge in the delightful pairing of Prosecco DOC with authentic Italian dishes.

“We are excited as we gear up for the much-anticipated arrival of the National Prosecco Week,” said Stefano Zanette, President of the Prosecco DOC Consortium. “We are thrilled for an extraordinary 6th edition, as our strategic partnerships are set to amplify the celebration of Prosecco DOC across the United States. Together, we will showcase the unrivaled allure of our region, exalting the impeccable quality of our products while keeping an attentive eye on sustainability and staying attuned to the ever-evolving desires of our cherished consumers.”

In order to further engage consumers, National Prosecco Week will feature three captivating events organized in collaboration with Jermaine Stone’s esteemed creative brand agency, Cru Luv Selections. These events will take place in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York on July 17th, 19th, and 22nd, respectively. Following the resounding success of the previous year, The Original Wine & Hip Hop founder, Jermaine Stone, will combine elements of street culture and wine, creating an immersive experience that seamlessly blends bubbles, great music, and fascinating Prosecco DOC trivia.

“These events are an opportunity to merge the worlds of wine and urban culture, bringing together diverse audiences and creating unique, memorable experiences,” remarked Jermaine Stone. “We look forward to partnering once again with Prosecco DOC and showcasing its vibrancy, capturing the spirit of National Prosecco Week.”

National Prosecco Week serves as a platform for Prosecco DOC enthusiasts, industry professionals, and wine lovers alike to discover and appreciate the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship of Prosecco DOC. Through these strategic partnerships, the Prosecco DOC Consortium is committed to enhancing awareness, education, and appreciation for the world’s most popular sparkling wine.

For more information about National Prosecco Week visit  National Prosecco Week website

About National Prosecco Week

National Prosecco Week is the biggest nationwide celebration of Prosecco DOC in the US yet and centers on a nationwide e-commerce and retail promotion, now with over 1,000 ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores across 30 states. The campaign also includes a full digital media and marketing program, strategic media partnerships and influencer activations, such as Instagram Live tasting, virtual seminars, and e-commerce retail promotions. All National Prosecco Week activities seek to educate media and consumers about Prosecco DOC and showcase its ability to be enjoyed on a variety of occasions and with a wide range of cuisines. 

For more information check National Prosecco Week website 



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