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Professors from the Kellogg School of Management Launch Allocated Wine Market Study


Call for US Luxury Wineries to Participate in Groundbreaking Research Project

San Francisco (CA),  Thursday January 19, 2023 — Kellogg School of Management in partnership with leading wine expert Peter Yeung, researcher Jo-Anne Ting, and strategic partner Offset, today announced The Study of Allocated Wine Offerings

This groundbreaking research project aims to understand the dynamics of this critical channel for the luxury and fine wine market, and help reshape the Industry’s understanding of the allocated wine business.

Starting today, the project is calling for wineries who sell wine via allocated means to join the project by anonymously contributing their data to the project. Participating wineries will receive early access to research findings, provide input and feedback on research topics, and be eligible to participate in conducting marketing trials to improve their offerings. 

Wineries can sign up to participate HERE. 

The study is led by a team of luxury marketing experts from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management (Gregory Carpenter and Artem Timoshenko), in partnership with Peter Yeung, and Jo-Anne Ting. This team combines academic excellence in luxury wine research with the pioneering work done by Peter Yeung and Liz Thach, MW for their book,  Luxury Wine Marketing. The study will enroll participants in early 2023 and begin delivering results towards the end of 2023 and early 2024.

Research team member, and wine author, Peter Yeung stated:

“Often, fine and luxury wineries believe they understand their allocation system’s performance, but they have little data to prove it. This research will help wine producers that use allocated offerings to better understand their business, which will lead to more efficient, and profitable business decisions.”

According to Luxury Wine Marketing and Wines & Vines Analytics, ~12% of all US wine brands deploy wine allocations as a means of offering wine for sale via the direct to consumer (DTC) channel. Prior research in this field has focused on wine club and online store-based purchases, ignoring this profitable segment of the DTC sales channel. 

Data received will be anonymized and analyzed to understand key success drivers for allocated offerings. No winery-specific data will be shared outside of the research team, including with participants or data partners. The study is independently funded, conducted, and has no monetary affiliation with any other company. Data partners provide the research team secure access to the data only.

For more details on the project, sign-up requirements and data privacy, please visit The Study of Allocated Wine Offerings. For any media enquiries or further details, please contact allocatedwinestudy@gmail.com.

About the Research Team

Gregory Carpenter is the Harold T. Martin Professor of Marketing at Kellogg School of Management, and has published several papers on luxury wine, branding and the wine consumer. Artem Timoshenko is an Assistant Professor of Marketing whose research includes targeted marketing and pricing optimization. Peter Yeung is the co-author of the award-winning book, Luxury Wine Marketing and host of the XChateau Wine Business podcast. Jo-Anne Ting is a Ph.D. data scientist who has developed algorithms to help allocated wineries and conducted research into the luxury wine consumer. 

About Offset

Offset is a wine technology and brand design company based in Napa and San Francisco. The leading DTC sales solution for allocated producers, Offset’s commerce platform was purpose-built for the nuanced needs of high-touch wineries and retailers.



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