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Rebottling Expert Vinovae Expands Operations to the U.S.A. with New Production Facility in California


The new site will better serve national demand for the sample maker’s innovative and patented solution to rebottling wines and spirits. 

SONOMA, CA, January 19, 2023 – Vinovae, a global company that specializes in repackaging wines and spirits into sample-size bottles, announced today the opening of its new facility in Sonoma, California. The move aims to supply the U.S. drinks industry with access to Vinovae’s innovative range of products and services, which provides producers, regional associations, training academies, distributors, online commerce, and others important resources for increased visibility and business opportunities.

Founded in France in 2016, Vinovae has since expanded production to Italy, Spain, and now the United States with Vinotte®, a series of sample bottles offered in three different formats—20, 40, and 50 milliliters—and designed to preserve the quality of the original product through a patent-protected rebottling process. 

All samples are bottled in an inert, oxygen-free atmosphere to ensure preservation of organoleptic qualities. A series of quality control tests—including alcohol, glucose, volatile acidity, pH—are performed regularly to guarantee there’s no difference between the bottled wine and that in a Vinotte® sample. Vinovae offers a wide range of services to accompany the Vinottes®, such as shipping and fully customizable tasting boxes, which can be packaged to highlight the brand through logos, images, and labels. 

“Vinovae is excited to put roots down in the United States, a key player in the worldwide wine and spirits industries, and start sharing its unique technology with trade professionals hoping to streamline their sampling process,” says Vinovae co-founder Tristan Destremau. “With the help of our Vinottes®, brands can boost national and international visibility and reduce their carbon footprint.”

Over the years, Vinovae has partnered with some of the industry’s leading organizations and businesses around the world, including: the Institute of Masters of Wine, E&J Gallo, DOCa Rioja, California Wine Institute, Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Napa Valley Vintners, and many more. With demand increasing in more countries around the world, Vinovae looks forward to this next step in expanding its international operations. Barton Family Wines, repeat client of Vinovae, states: “Thanks to Vinovae, the wine is going to shine all around the world with remote tastings.”

Vinovae products offer a number of important benefits: they are cost-effective, made from entirely recyclable PET, 50 times lighter than a glass bottle, and reduce waste that is often associated with full-bottle samples. The fully customizable bottles and boxes, printed with HD color labeling, can be shipped anywhere in the world with a reduced carbon footprint. Vinovae will plant a tree for each new client upon request—an initiative that has resulted in planting over 800 trees since May 2021. 

Vinovae will be in attendance at the annual Unified Symposium, the largest wine and grape conference in the Western Hemisphere, on January 25-26, 2023 at booth A2523. Co-founders Destremau and Grégoire Henry will present firsthand Vinovae’s technology and customization opportunities to industry professionals. For further information, please contact Ella Winje of O’Donnell Lane at 916-599-9415 or ella@odonnell-lane.com.

About Vinovae 

Founded in 2016 by Grégoire Henry and Tristan Destremau, Vinovae is an international rebottling service that uses a patent-protected process to repackage professionals’ wines and spirits into 20, 40, or 50 milliliter sample bottles called Vinottes®. Vinovae guarantees customized products and services to fit every project according to the specific needs and requirements of each client, with already over four million Vinotte® samples produced and shipped worldwide. Vinovae promotes sustainable development by manufacturing samples in recyclable PET and working exclusively with suppliers that share the same ecological values. vinovae.com/en/



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