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Introducing Stompy: A Better Wine Subscription, Built to Your Taste


A smart, fun and hassle-free way to experience the best of small-farmed wines. Curated by a Master of Wine. Intelligently tailored. 

LOS ANGELES (May 3, 2022) — Stompy, an ultra-personalized and expertly curated wine experience, is pleased to announce its official launch. Created to deliver a better wine experience accurately matched to each person’s taste, Stompy employs a revolutionary taste technology that organizes the world of wine and taste perception into a succinct new system. This approach was developed by Master of Wine Stephen Wong alongside co-founder Andy Williams, a veteran of technology, branding and advertising. Each wine available at Stompy is a carefully curated celebration of organic and sustainable small-farm vineyards. Stompy brings a new level of transparency to wine buying, focusing on wine growers and winemakers who are going further to create something better for humans and the planet.

The Stompy experience makes it easy to find wine that suits anyone’s taste, no matter what their level of knowledge. It departs from traditional industry wine language and introduces a more holistic way to describe how and why people like (or dislike) different wines. Initially developed on the floor of restaurants and hotels, Stompy’s algorithm tracks each person’s preferences for more than 900 subtle variations in wine flavor to create a detailed taste map that is unique to each person, like a fingerprint. Each wine in Stompy’s curation is then measured against each person’s taste map and the best-matched wines are offered up. Customers can personalize their recommended selections even further by choosing a price tier and wine style preference, as well as filtering for organic, vegan or natural wines. As each customer enjoys and rates their personalized wines, their taste map improves and evolves with their preferences.

“Our platform helps solve the part of wine most people struggle with: accurately matching their tastes to wines without first trying them. Not everyone has access to a sommelier or expert wine friend. We want to bring that same intelligence and accuracy while introducing a curation of the best of sustainable small producers,” says Williams. Wong adds, “The existing system of wine buying and categorization is universally objective and driven by discrete attributes, which is not the way the majority of people experience wine. Stompy aims to reimagine that system and implement one that is fluid, subjective and opens up a whole new world of rewarding, soulful and beautiful wine experiences for each individual.” 

Customers can experience Stompy’s expertly curated and eco-responsible wines through a flexible subscription or through a one-time order anytime, with new wines being added to the website regularly. Stompy guarantees it can match people accurately to wine, and if a customer doesn’t love one of their choices, Stompy will refund the bottle. 

At its core, Stompy makes better, ethical, harder-to-find wine more accessible to the public by combining expert curation with taste-mapping technology to create a personalized wine experience tailored to each person’s palate. Stompy truly believes that everyone deserves a great bottle, every time.

About Stompy

Stompy is a new way to discover wine that accurately matches palates with (better) wines. It cuts through the hassle and confusion of wine buying with pioneering taste technology, expert curation and a hassle-free subscription. This new approach to wine allows anyone to consistently experience great wine made by sustainable small-farm producers. Stompy was founded in 2020 by college friends Stephen Wong MW, a leading expert in wine innovation, and Andy Williams, a veteran of technology, branding and advertising. With Stompy, you always know where, by whom and how your wine was made. For more information, please visit www.stompy.co.

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