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Saverglass Announces New Insights in Luxury Glass Packaging 


The educational panel led by Saverglass at the 2021 ADI Conference revealed what craft distillers and spirits brands need to pay attention to premiumize their brands 

Saverglass logoNapa, CA – October 14, 2021 — Saverglass, the world’s leading manufacturer specializing in the production and decoration of luxury and high-end glass bottles for the wine and spirits industry, is thrilled to share insights to its panel discussion at the 2021 ADI Crafts Spirits Conference on understanding the growing need for luxury packaging for craft distillers and spirits brands.

“Every year, we are honored to participate in the annual ADI Crafts Spirits Conference. Saverglass is committed to sharing its knowledge and supporting the craft and premium spirits community,” said Michael Niehaus, Sales Director Midwest/East Coast at Saverglass. “As a leader in luxury glass bottle packaging, we must work together and help brands of all sizes find the best strategy that will allow them to premiumize their brand, stand out amongst the competition and ultimately attract new customers through attractive, differentiating and value creating packaging.” 

With over 100 attendees, the panelists discussed the  elements that play a critical role in a brand’s successful premiumization, impacting a company’s market share, brand image, and sales. The panel included multiple perspectives, with a brand designer, a distiller, and a glass manufacturer:

Panel Insights Included:

  • How to choose a glass bottle packaging strategy that represents the brand’s story
  • Implementing quality decoration features to existing glass bottle packaging to elevate a brand with consumers and stand out on shelves
  • Global supply chain disruptions and the importance of partnering  with a local glass bottle manufacturer
  • Why sustainability is a driver for innovation in high-end packaging and beyond, with sustainability  going beyond lightweight and how recycling and a circular economy are critical

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  1. Is this luxury glass stupid heavy bottles or are we talking truly fabulous design, engineering, and production technology to give me a 300 gram bottle?

    1,000 gram+ bottles aren’t luxury, they are environmental obscenities.

    Paul Vandenberg
    Paradisos del Sol Winery and Organic Vineyard


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