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Groundbreaking Vineyard Tracking Tool Provides Critical Data to Winemakers


Just in time for budbreak, InnoVint, one of the wine industry’s top winery management software companies, has released a tool that will revolutionize the way winemaking teams gain insight into their fruit sources each growing season.

Called the Advanced Vineyard Tracking system, the new feature allows wineries to observe, track, and manage block-specific events, crop estimates and grape contracts each vintage.

“It’s a feature we designed through the lens of the winemaking team,” explains Ashley DuBois Leonard, InnoVint Founder and CEO. “Wineries require critical seasonal information to be able to adjust their production plan in response to what the vintage has to offer. There hasn’t been any solution to fill this gap until now.”

Advanced Vineyard Tracking from InnoVint offers four distinct components to provide full service information management for each vineyard block:

  • Growing Season Tracking, which captures the events taking place in the vineyard throughout each season, including:
    • Phenology tracking (from budbreak to veraison)
    • Application tracking (such as irrigation schedules, spraying, thinning)
    • Visual observations (such as pest, diseases, water and nutrient status)
    • Analysis (such as cluster weights, maturity data, and phenolics)
  • Crop Estimations, which follow tonnage expectations through the season
  • Harvest Planning, which manages harvest date forecasting, scheduling and fruit receipt
  • Grape Contract Management, which manages contract terms, fruit costs and projected cash flow

 As DuBois Leonard reports, Advanced Vineyard Tracking provides wineries with vintage-over-vintage insights across all vineyard sources, allowing them to “track back” each SKU’s fruit sources. This allows winemakers to have the full perspective on their final products, from bud break through the growing season to harvest, cellar management and bottling in the cellar.

“Sourced fruit and farming expenses are often the largest cost bucket for any given lot,” DuBois Leonard points out. “If high-value grapes end up in a low-tier SKU, the winery will likely reconsider that investment. And vice versa. If cost-effective grapes wind up in a premium blend, they’ve made some smart fruit sourcing decisions. Understanding fruit allocation and whether capital investments are paying off is critical to understanding cash flow.”

The InnoVint Platform, which now includes Advanced Vineyard Tracking, is the first, mobile-focused management system that allows for real-time data entry, as well as real-time data access anytime, anywhere.

“We’re winery advocates that build functional products to provide direct, immediate value to our clients,” DuBois Leonard asserts. “InnoVint is that turnkey solution to take them from vine to bottle year over year.”

For more information and contact, go to https://www.innovint.us.

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